Tales of Phuket – The First Night

After the massage session, I rode back to Patong Beach to see if my room was ready. By then, Khun Oui was there already, and we spent some happy minutes chatting. Room 301 was just the way I remembered it to be – clean, cosy and comfortable.

I felt very much at home, already :D

Khun Oui and I

The time was about 4 plus, the sun started to set, but I really don’t want to miss any opportunity for sun tanning. So off I went to the beach, and gosh!!! The sun was dazzling, the sea was at low tide (it was weird) and the beach was surprisingly uncrowded.

I ventured into the sea a couple of time to cool off, and it was kinda scary. Being the monsoon season, the tide was unpredictable, and the wave was strong. At times, I was completedly knocked off my feet with crashing wave, sometimes reaching way above my head.

I can’t imagine the horror it was when tsunami hit this place in 2004 :(

After the beach session, I went back to hotel, showered and changed, then headed for a foot massage and a pedicure at Wanida, the same massage chain located a few shops away from StarOrchid. The staff, as usual, was very friendly, but I was particularly taken by the lady who did my pedicure. Her English was good, as she can tease and joke with me, and her pedicuring skills were superb. I was more relaxed with her chipping away at my toenails than when I was having my foot massage.

After then 1.5 hour session or so, I walked opposite to The Orchid restaurant, a popular place with tourist mainly because of their superb food at reasonable price. I had the charcoal-grilled prawn and beancurd soup – delish! And half way through my dinner, the pedicure lady walked over and admonish me for forgeting my book, which I left at the massage seat. Ooops! :D

Dinner on First Night

Dinner on First Night

After such a satisfying dinner, I went back to hotel to take a nap. It was deep sleep for me, after such an early and long day. My alarm rang at 10.30 p.m., Phuket time. Time to get dolled up for a night out!

I went out to find my Phuket friends Yot and Ohm. I didn’t inform them that I was coming, and they were indeed very surprised to see me! The “reunion” was a happy one, with us heading to Galaxy again for a night of dancing. This time round, I only ordered a bottle of black label. Even that, the three of us only managed to finish half a bottle, so I gave the remainder to the next table. Haha. It was the first and last bottle I bought during this entire trip.

That was quite tame of me, considering I bought a total of nine bottles the last time. Gosh!

Galaxy Pub

The night ended at dawn, and I slept like a baby till the next day.

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