Tales of Phuket – Road Trip to Southern Phuket

I woke up at close to ten. Actually, I felt like sleeping till much later, but I thought I should waste to glorious sunshine peeking through the curtain of my room.

And so, off I went for a hearty breakfast at The Orchid. Oh god that was worth every single cent. Or baht. Hehe.

Breakfast on Second Day

While having my breakfast, I referred to my trusty guides to think of what to do today. After the mini trip to the spa at Kathu, I thought a little road trip down south towards Kata and Karon beaches would be nice. Plus I can visit The Sense Spa again.

So off I go again, taking in the sight and sound and sunshine that was Phuket. I stopped briefly at Kata Yai, which was in front of Club Med. Didn’t intend to stop for sunbathing, as I suddenly crave for yet another massage!

Kata Yai Beach

Had a simple lunch at this tourist “trap” right behind Club Med. The weather was so hot, and the place so stifling, the food was so-so… the entire lunch had me squirmingly uncomfortable. I can’t wait to get to the spa! Of course, having my holiday read with me helped things a lot. I was so engrossed in the story I didn’t realise my sweat was dripping onto my rice. Haha.

Lunch on Second Day

Lunch on Second Day

The Sense Spa has been on my travel itinerary for the longest time. I liked the professionalism of the staff, and you can always count on your experience to be at least a pleasant one. For pictures of the spa, you can look at this post – just scroll all the way down.

This time round, I opted for an hour of hands and foot massage. The therapist was strong. I would have enjoyed it if I had the sense to clean my feet properly. There were still grains of sand on it, so when you have strong strokes massaging your feet – it was like having a scrub. Painful, prolonged scrub. Argh! After she was done with my left feet, I quickly get up to wash my right feet first.

After that, the remaining session was a bliss. Ah….

The remaining afternoon was spent riding along the southern perimeter of the island. The weather was perfect, and so was the scenery. It was… breathtaking, as usual. Not that I have never seen it before, but to witness it again with my own eyes had a calming effect on me.

I guess, that was one of the main draws Phuket had on me.

One of the new places I visited this time is this bar called After Beach. In my previous road trips, I had always passed by this bar without stopping. Perched on top of a cliff, the bar gives you an unprecedented paranomic view of the Andaman Sea. I was speechless for a while… before remembering where I was, and ordered a After Beach signature cocktail. Sipping on the sweet concoction, reading my novel, with the sea sprawled in front of me and soothing music playing in the background…

… all holiday should be like this.

After Beach Bar

View from After Beach Bar

View from After Beach Bar

Next stop was Karon View Point. Another cliff top tourist spot, where you can take really gorgeous photos. From here you can see the various smaller beaches of Phuket, as well as the Big Buddha of Phuket on top of the hill.

More photos from Karon View Point here – almost.

And if you are daring type, for 100 baht you can have your photos taken with some sea eagle there…. which I didn’t. Despite what the owner claimed, I was afraid the birds will claw at my face and eat my eyeballs for snacks. Eeeks!

Karon View Point

Scenery at Karon View Point

Scenery at Karon View Point

Scenery at Karon View Point

As I made my way to Promthep Cape, I passed by the lesser-known Nai Harn Beach. Although the beach is less crowded and less populated by hawkers and shops, I think… well, once you have seen on Phuket beach, the rest will be about the same. Anyway here are some photos from Nai Harn Beach.

Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach

After Nai Harn, I made my way to Promthep Cape. For the uninitiated, Promthep Cape is reputedly the best place to catch a sunset in Phuket. During my last trip, I went twice. The first time, my battery went flat. The scenery was sooooo gorgeous that I just had to go again with my camera fully charged.

This time round I went at mid-afternoon, so there was little crowd, and the sun was high up in the sky. That didn’t stop me from taking many photos. Just nothing of the red-orb-setting-in-horizon sort.

View from Promthep Cape

View from Promthep Cape

At Promthep Cape

More photos of Promthep Cape here.

The entire road trip took me about three hours, at the end of which I was dead tired. Decided to take a rest and went back to Patong, at which I had a leisurely (read: fattening) frappe at Starbucks. Always a great retreat from the scorching heat.

Starbucks at Patong Beach

End of road trip… yet my second nightlife begin!

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