Tales of Phuket – Hiranyikara, Spa for Men

I read about Hiranyikara in the Phuket Gazette during my last visit here. The direction available in the brochure I picked up was a bit ambiguous. I knew I will need to travel towards Phuket town, and so on the way I decided to find an authentic Thai lunch!

On the way to Kathu

What do I mean by authentic? It is nothing like what you would expect to find in a Thai restaurant in Singapore. I was looking for a place similar to the economy rice stalls – dishes upon dishes of Thai food displayed for you to choose from, often at rock bottom price. Served with white rice and a plate of vegetables. The latter was important to me. I loved gnawing on fresh vege! It was so refreshing.

And so I found one nondescript place near to Kathu. My friends will shudder at the thought of dining at such a dingy stall, but not me. I liked it. Why behave like a tourist when you can live like a local?

Lunch on First Day

Lunch on First Day

After lunch I continued my journey to find Hiranyikara. As I said, the map was a bit misleading, so I ended up traveling more than 10 km in the wrong direction, hitting Phuket Town before making a disgruntled U-turn.

Eventually I managed to find the place. If you are thinking of visiting, remember this – if you are riding from Patong Beach direction, when you hit Caltex on your right, turn right immediately. If you are coming from Phuket Town, turn left when you see Caltex in front of you. After that, the map will make sense.

Hiranyikara Spa
133 Moo7 Vichitsongkram Rd., Kathu, Phuket 83120
Tel. +66 76 203280-1, (0)81 370 0202 (Eng.speaking)
E-mail: info@hiranyikara.com

Hiranyikara Spa for Men

Hiranyikara is tucked away some 100 m away from the main road, surrounded by greeneries and woods. I guess it was an old mansion converted into a spa, with privacy as their top priority. Even their entrance was discreetly hidden behind some bamboo trees, blocked from view to anyone riding in from the main road!

When I reached the place, it was apparent that I was their first customer of the day. It was a little past 11 in the morning, Phuket time. I wished I should have had the foresight to wait a little later to turn up, but there was no way I can turn back now. The receptionist already saw me, and unnerving lined up all their staff to greet me when I stepped in.

It is not that I don’t appreciate hospitality, but the sight of so many Thai men smiling and greeting at you in unison will only startle me.

So I sat down and decided to book a 3-hour package, consisting of foot reflexology and Thai massage. The receptionist can speak good English, so choosing your treatment was of no-hassle.

Well, for the price I was paying, I kinda expected really top notch service… but alas, again it was proven that when it comes to spa and massages in Thailand, top bahts do not guarantee you top service. After the three perplexing hours in the treatment room, I realised why they tout this place as the spa with men in mind. LOL.

After my session, I sat at their patio area to relax, sipping on tea and dessert. Only then I realise the spa facilities, such as swimming pool, the herbal steam room and such were available for me to use. But I was already showered and dressed up ready to go, and I couldn’t really work up the energy to get changed again.

Instead I spent some happy minutes soaking in the tranquility and took some photos of the place. Although the service was somewhat a disappointment, the place was amazing. All green and quiet and peaceful, I could really relax here.

Hiranyikara Spa for Men

Hiranyikara Spa for Men

Hiranyikara Spa for Men

Hiranyikara Spa for Men

Hiranyikara Spa for Men

Would I return here again? Well, perhaps. If I have enough bahts to splurge. Otherwise I will stick to less classy establishments which, more often than not, offer better massage.

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  1. richard says:

    I totally agree. This place is a terrible rip-off. They boast a special “promotional package” on their web site, and after I forked over 600 baht in taxi money to get there they told me it wasn’t available. This place looks pretty but it is a sham operation that you should avoid.

  2. Razlan says:

    @ Richard – I wouldn’t get as far as calling the place as a sham operation… but yes I can see your point of view. I guess I won’t be going back anytime soon, even if I am back in Phuket.

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