My Birthday Party – A Very LONG Entry


My 29th birthday party can only be described with one word – smashing!.

It was so in many, many ways. The evening started with the arrival of balloons, food, beer, ice… all these always get me excited. Then the music started blasting, and the first few guests started to arrive. I was decked in my best (and new) gear, and I felt at the top of the world.

Naturally, that called for a celebration. Glasses of beer were in order, and I toasted my way to oblivion on an empty stomach.

And the story went that I was totally smashed even before the cake was cut! To be honest, I remember greeting the guests, asked them some questions, made sure they have food… and that’s where my memory ended. I do know I smiled a lot, did my social-butterfly thing, got amused at jokes that I couldn’t understand, laughed at those that weren’t meant to be a joke (ooops!), and…

Well, what I recall best is my cake cutting moment. Of course, I mentioned that already. But it was during that time I felt most alive, most aware of the people around me, and that… although I am yet another year older, I am still the playful, somewhat idiotic me.

Now’ll let the photos do the talking! First of all, the food! Thanks to JX for taking these food photos

(Be warned. Many photos ahead! be patient while they download)


Of course, who can forget my faithful Brewerkz beer?


And now on the the guests! This is in no particular order of appearance. Some guests didn’t manage to take photo with me (boo!) so I’ll just do what I can.

Jimmy was among the first to come, together with JX :)


James was my buddy from uni-days. We spent almost everyday together for a year!


Of course there is Mak – the life of the party. Thanks for being you!


I heard that Eileen, Mak and Sean hogged my bed for almost the entire night! At least the “pioneers”, anyway.


That’s Vincent and Ben – whom made a pact to “reunite” at my party after years not seeing each other!


Hisham was my “deejay” for the night, keeping the music pumping throughout. Thanks dude!


Here’s Vincent and his tennis buddy Faz, whom I just got to know that night.


Rasull came down right after his concert at Botanical Garden. Appreciate you made the effort, dude!


I am so, so glad that Zhiren made it for my party. He was due to fly back to US around the same time. Thank goodness for the change of plan!


Fernando, my young buddy came with his friend, Nix. Thanks for the “Liposuction” charcoal masterpiece, eh! LOL.


Sean, thank you so so much for being so sporting that night! I know my friends sabo-ed you many times :)


Aldo and I. Isn’t he looking adorable with his geeky specs?


Rudy and his friend Jeremy. Thanks for the awesome cake, buddy!


Eugene and Lenz. Always steadfast supporters of my parties and dinner gatherings :)


Bryan was nicked “Vietnam” towards the end of the night – for reasons only he and some people will know ;)


Terence didn’t come with Dora. But they gave me the most girlish gift imaginable. A mint mask!


This was the first time Chris attended my party. Hope it wasn’t too overwhelming for you!


It was Zhengxi’s actual birthday, and he actually came to my party! Wow, I am so honoured la.


The four gorgeous ladies – Min (my beautiful galpal!), Pamela (thanks for the hosting the sabo session, hor!), Tara (OMG I can’t believe you are 5 months pregnant!) and Marsha (always the one with daring outfit!)


The group who hogged my bed the whole night – Bryan, Ian, Raffy, Eugene, Eileen, Yong Quan, Shawn, Faisal, Sean and Lenz.


My buddy, Faisal who was the first to arrive, and the one who helped with the photos. Thanks dude. You know I love you for that!


Shafik and Cheryl – the last two guests to leave my party, at 5 p.m. the next day! I know you guys had a blast :)


Shanns & Syed. This party must be such a shock to you. Now you have seen the wild side of me. Haha!


Bernadette, Jessie and Chris were such a hoot during the party. I know what you guys did! :P


Lisa was a God-sent bartender of the night! I heard that you were pretty heavy handed!


Tess & friend (sorry I forgot your name!). Haha.. I like this photo. It is so… suggestive. LOL.


I love this photo! There was a saying that night: Mr Greedy went to get two pieces of cake and give one to Mr Lazy, and Mr Grumpy was (what else) grumpy because he didn’t get one. LOL!!! Vincent is Mr. Lazy by the way, and I forgot the names of your two friends. Tell me tell me!


Clement (the new owner of Ribena) and I. Whoa… why look so garang ah?


Ryan and I. Sorry if the party was a bit awkward for you hor. But you were such a hoot during the early mornings! :)


Asraf and his friend, whom I can only remember as “that kiwi boy”. I think I blabbered a lot of nonsense at them!


Crix, my Fitness First personal trainer and his girlfriend. He must be shaking head at the amount of beer I consumed that night.


A surprise visit from an old friend, Will! Thanks for dropping by dude. Yes I will be responding to you on MSN soon :)


And here are my gifts for the night. More bottles than gifts, actually. The photo here shows only half of what I have now.



And finally, here are some scenes from the party :)














Okay, there are many more photos – some naughty, some nice, some both – available on the Flickr set. The really, really naughty photos are of course hidden, but you can request for them from me.

There are a number of people whom are not in the photos – like Bryan (who helped me a lot with the balloons and preparing for the party – thanks dude!), Jason, Garry, Kelvin, yet another Kelvin… well, here’s the entire guest list: Bryan, Jason, Kevin/Sam, Jimmy, JX, Daniel, James, Mak, Sean, Eileen, Ben, Vincent (Snowy!), Hisham, Rasull, Aldo & Alex, Lenz & Eugene, Chris, Bryan Vo, Ian, Raffy, Yong Quan, Shawn, Vincent & Mr. Greedy & Mr. Grumpy, Asraf & the kiwi boy, Garry & Kelvin, Crix & beau, Shafik, Cheryl, Fernando & Nix, Shanns & Syed, Chris, Jessie, Bernadette, Pang & Elgene, Min, Tara, Pamela & Marsha, Terence, Chris, William & beau, Zhengxi, Rudy & Jeremy, Zhiren, Vincent & Faz, James, Faisal, Lisa, Tess & friend, Thomas… did I miss out anyone?

Thank you all, for making this a party to remember!

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