House Moving – Again!

Barely a year since my renting woes before moving from Toa Payoh to my current place in Ang Mo Kio, I have to move again.

The truth is, I have been wanting to move for quite sometime. Getting home to a flat which has seen its last renovation thirty years ago, full of stuff older than me, can really get to you.

However I resisted the urge. The current place is priced below market rate (possibly because of its conditions) and I choose to stay on my own. Besides, having such a spacious flat is good for parties and gatherings.

But no more.

The landlord called this morning to say she is revising the rent by 300 bucks. My one-year lease is up, and at the new rate, I really don’t think I should be staying on.

So back to the grindmill of house hunting. Lucky for me, I have went to see a house not too long ago. A distance away from my current place, still within Ang Mo Kio, though the nearest train station is Yio Chu Kang. The price is S$1,250 excluding utility, and I figured it is cheaper to move than to stay on at my current place.

I like the new place, to be honest. Granted, it is smaller in size, but the whole place is renovated to fit a single bachelor’s life. A bit too Thai for my taste, so I hope the new landlord is willing to move away some of his stuff.

Here are some photos I have taken of the new flat.


Front of the house and living room


The bed room


The wardrobe. A bit too small for me.
I have loads of new clothes!


The second bedroom is converted to a sitting room


Another view of the sitting room


The main bathroom.
Not attached to the bedroom.
Pardon the boxer. Not mine :P


The fridge and storage at the dining area


The dining area


The (tiny) kitchen area


The second bathroom

What do you think?

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  1. Waffle says:

    Looks well decored.
    But rent’s expensive… Or am I not tuned with the market rates…

  2. Razlan says:

    Actually I think for the quality of this place, it is below market rate. Things have been crazy nowadays. Hence my landlord’s move to increase my rent by 30%. It’s maddening!

  3. Sham says:

    looks sweet, if you’re staying alone that is. are your utility usage high?

    let me know if you need help shifting stuff. :) – YCK / AMK is SO near my place. haha :)

  4. Jessie says:

    This place is nice!

    The bedroom… sexed up. HAHAHA! And i like the idea of having a sitting room. You can convert it into a cozy area for cocktail party among a few close friends. =D

  5. Razlan says:

    @ Sham – Hehe, yes I will be staying alone! Most likely I will move. Usually I pay like 200 bucks for movers, since I move so often. 20 boxes of stuff, at least!

  6. Razlan says:

    @ Jessie – Haha I know what you are trying to say! :P

  7. cheryl says:

    noooooooooooooo dun move nearer to meeeeeeeeeeeee! *traumatised*

    Well, the plus point is that i get to go home after shafik when we take cabs in future coz of the route. yay! :)

  8. Razlan says:

    @ Cheryl – Haha I am so going to haunt you when I moved to the new place.

  9. Sham says:

    looks sweet, if you're staying alone that is. are your utility usage high?

    let me know if you need help shifting stuff. :) – YCK / AMK is SO near my place. haha :)

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