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My Birthday Party – A Very LONG Entry


My 29th birthday party can only be described with one word – smashing!.

It was so in many, many ways. The evening started with the arrival of balloons, food, beer, ice… all these always get me excited. Then the music started blasting, and the first few guests started to arrive. I was decked in my best (and new) gear, and I felt at the top of the world.

Naturally, that called for a celebration. Glasses of beer were in order, and I toasted my way to oblivion on an empty stomach.

And the story went that I was totally smashed even before the cake was cut! To be honest, I remember greeting the guests, asked them some questions, made sure they have food… and that’s where my memory ended. I do know I smiled a lot, did my social-butterfly thing, got amused at jokes that I couldn’t understand, laughed at those that weren’t meant to be a joke (ooops!), and…

Well, what I recall best is my cake cutting moment. Of course, I mentioned that already. But it was during that time I felt most alive, most aware of the people around me, and that… although I am yet another year older, I am still the playful, somewhat idiotic me.

Now’ll let the photos do the talking! First of all, the food! Thanks to JX for taking these food photos

(Be warned. Many photos ahead! be patient while they download)

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