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The Biggest Jerk In The Universe, I Was

It wasn’t as packed as it usually does. My body ached, but the melodius Corrine May soothed my frayed nerve after a long day at work.

A sudden movement to my right caught my eye, and I realised a girl is speaking to me.

She is slightly shorter than me, perhaps in her mid-20s, with shoulder length wavy hair, and a very pale fair complexion. Her eyes are large… and red too, I couldn’t help but noticed.

So I pulled out my earphone and said, “Sorry?”

She repeated herself, “May I know you?”

My brain convulsed and spasmed at that. Confused is an understatement. I didn’t know how to react, so I stared at her blankly for a moment and utter the single most idiotic response in the whole universe.


She held my gaze for a second longer than comfortable, and (I could have imagined this) a million thoughts danced behind her eyes, bringing a little tear to her already red eyes.

She shaked her head and muttered, “Never mind…”

I was dumbfounded and afraid that she might break down crying, so I said the second most idiotic response in the whole universe.

“Are you okay?”

Why do people ask that? Unless your life has turned against you and make everything hell for you, you will say okay.

Perhaps, that is exactly what this girl was feeling.

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