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My Brain Is Not Working

This is an attempt of me trying to remove traces of work-related thoughts from my overworked, recently-sickened brain.

Sickened brain, eh? That sounded bad. This is what happened: I had been on medical leave for the past two days, hence my brain is not functioning very well. A couple of emergencies at work, and suddenly I found myself faced with daunting tasks towards the end of the week.

Not to be overwhelmed, I was determined to be prepared. But my good intention was thwarted before it blossomed. Where do I start, when I do not know what is required of me? What do I prepare, when I do not know what the others will be preparing? How can I prepare for eventualities, when not all parties involved will be present?

Questions, questions, questions. Hence my overworked brain.

But it was luggy. It is as if I am dragging my sorry ass wading through a pool of tar. I can’t think clearly, my thoughts were jumbled.

I fucking hate this. I am a perfectionist by nature, and these uncertainties infuriate me.

But let’s step back. Take a deeeeeeeep breath, and look at things objectively.

The worse thing that can happen is for my brain failing to function tomorrow. And to avoid that, I need rest. I must NOT think of what might happen. I will use the collective mind of all present to develop our strategies. I will NOT do duplicate work.

With that thought firmly planted in my mind, I piled up my documents, shoved them into the file, and decided to blog an entry to take my mind of work.

But, FUUUCCCKKKKKK, all I blogged about is WORK.

Damn. Further proof that my brain is not working well.

(A side note: As I was searching for a suitable photo to go with this post, I queried on Flickr for “brain”. The results were horrendous. Try it. You will be grossed out. Yuck.)

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