Steamboat Night at Home

The steamboat food

It was a Saturday night with a difference.

Mak and I decided to take a break from all the clubbing and do something healthy together. So we did steamboat. Went to shop for all the stuff that we need, and spend two happy hours chopping and cutting up everything.

Lenz and Eugene arrived first, while Mak and Eileen were one hour late!

We had a great night chatting and laughing and generally making our tummies bulge with all the food that I have prepared. I think I have somewhat overdid it, but hey, it’s better more than less, right?

And I never knew Eileen is such a clown! She really, really got me cracking.

Here are the rest of the photos from the night.

Also decided to join them for their “one day KL trip” (haha) over the Vesak Day weekend. This would mean I will miss the Singapore Freeze event. Ah well! After my last KL trip, it will be interesting to see how I’ll fare traveling in a group. Afterall, I am usually a lone ranger for holiday trips.

Let’s see if we all will have black face on the Monday when we come back ;)

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