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Music, My Elixir of Life

Playing music has always been my passion. There is nothing like the feeling of making music together with a group of friends, bring to life notes that composers put on paper, each of us interpreting the song as our own.

Music has shaped many parts of my life. I am sure those of you who play in bands will share my sentiments. I can’t imagine what kind of person I am without music being part of me.

But like all passions you have during younger days, most will eventually die out. I have not been playing since I graduated from NTU five years ago. Yes, I still play the flute occasionally, but I wanted something more… something that allows me to grow with and hone my skills in. Something that will give me the satisfaction to be able to play, and playing it well.

The piano, to me, is a “distant” instrument. I am more of a wind instrument kind of person. I remember vaguely learning Grade 1 piano when I was very young. Since then, I have not been learning it at all…

… except for the time I discovered how to play “My Heart Will Go On” and irritated the hell out of my friends, since that’s the only song I will (and can) play :P

I decided to take up piano, once again. Been looking at some courses, particular those recreational piano classes at Yamaha and Cristofori. Both look good to me, and I am not sure which one I should choose.

Opinions, anyone? And is it too late for a 28-soon-to-be-29-year-old guy like me to learn piano?

Naughty Singapore

Just as I thought the KL Freeze is ahead of Singapore, I found that a local group has been doing similar pranks right here on this sunny island!

Though their “pranks” are a little tame compared to the ones in London and New York, nevertheless for a society like ours, it is a big step. Check out their videos here:
Calling Aliens @ Marina Square
Falling Asleep @ Ngee Ann Plaza
Scheming Artist @ City Hall

Actually, I was thinking… if ever someone took the initiative to have a Freeze Singapore event, and publicise it on the Internet, won’t he or she gets into trouble? I mean, it is a well known fact that Singapore is such a controlled society, with mandatory licenses for gatherings of all sorts, that I can’t imagine such a huge-scale prank will be tolerated.

Having said that, if there ever be one in Singapore, I’ll be there! Maybe the Cowboy Barfly will be daring enough for such a feat! :D

P.S.: And apparently the KL freeze event is mentioned all over the blogosphere – I wonder if they’ll be any trouble!

Freeze for Kuala Lumpur – Enroute to Celine Dion

When a celebrity sneezes, thousands of fans jump.

Or in Celine’s case, her fans took a collective breath and change their plans. When it was reported that Celine has to postpone her KL concert from 8th April to 13th April, due to a respiratory infection, her legion of fans around here made alternative arrangements to attend her concert, Taking Chances World Tour 2008.

For people like my friend and I who are in Singapore, it means hurriedly changing our bus tickets and hotel reservations, not to mention project completion (his) and leave application (mine).

It was kinda frantic that I keep forgetting that I will be in KL this coming weekend.

So when I receive an invitation from a friend to take part in “KL Freeze in Unison” on the same day as Celine’s concert, my immediate reaction was to reply to him with a virtual knock to the head, and a demand to know how come he didn’t know I am in Singapore, and had been so for years.

And then the date clicked in my mind and I realised, yeah, I can be part of this history-making event!

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Excuse me, gorgeous, are you truly admirable?

The episode “Leech” of Smallville Season 1 taught me a great lesson.

Clark Kent’s power was somehow transfered to another kid through an unfortunate combination of lightning and meteor rocks. When the kid discovered he has superhuman power, he became delighted, proud, egoistic, scared and vengeful in turn.

What touches me the most is how, when two person are bestowed with the same gift, it is their values and beliefs that truly define who they are.

Eventhough Clark can put his power to “good use” (like the leech did), he didn’t.

Which brings to mind of this simple analogy – when two person are equally good looking on the outside, it is what’s inside that matter the most, that will differentiate them.

I want to admire a person who is blessed with good looks and a great inner personality.

Alas, I have yet to meet one.

Quotes from Smallville Season 1

Sometimes, when you pay attention to what you are watching on television, you might just learn something new… and perhaps, something that you take heed from.

I have been a Smallville fan for the longest time now. Bought the entire six seasons on DVD, and recently I am just starting to watch them again. For the whole of season 1, and most of season 2, the story revolves the strangeness that is Smallville – a town of meteor mutants (?)

That is just my long-winded way of saying that, it is kinda boring to watch repeats of those episodes.

But I can’t help but notice some of the lines were pretty meaningful. Here are some that people like me can reflect and ponder on.

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Who Says NTU Is Boring?

Well, at least not nowadays. What happened in NTU Canteen A recently was utterly ridiculous – not to mention hilarious – that I was gasping in admiration.

The familiar setting of the largest canteen NTU falling pranks to this bunch of exchange students got me bemused. As the local students look on stunned with what is unfolding, I can only wonder what they must be thinking.

If I was there, I would have cheered the ang-mohs on, throwing some food at them for good measure.

Click here for the video on YouTube. Credit to

Random Act of Kindness

I guess it was apparent from my recent blog postings / Twitter / MSN nicks that my mood wasn’t the best lately.

So this little message from Elmo and friends cheered me up one gloomy morning in office.

Well Wishes from Roy

Thanks dude, really appreciate your thoughtfulness. You know who you are *hugs*

The Night That Was Friday

They say good friends will make all your troubles go away… well, not exactly go away, but good companions and good time will take your mind of them for a bit.

Which explains why I heralded a group of my straight friends for a fun night out last night.

It wasn’t really planned that way. I arranged to meet up with Tony and Yali for dinner. We decided to go to New Harbour which is located along Tanjong Pagar Road. The alfresco setting and crowd made the one-hour wait for the late couple much more bearable.

Of course, a pint of Erdinger helped. LOL.

Because I was kinda stuffed, and they are not exactly very hungry, we decided to order a few dishes to be shared – mixed grill platter, crackling roast pork, and BBQ squid. The food was excellent, and just thinking about what we had made my stomach grumbles right now.

New Harbour Cafe

Having an Erdinger along Tanjong Pagar Road

Our sumptious dinner for the night

Midway through dinner, we managed to arrange for Terence to join us for a night out. And by the time this newly-minted pilot (congrats, dude!) arrived, it was about 9-plus, perfect timing for some serious drinking. And like a herd leader I trooped my entourage to a nearby drinking joint.

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Videos of Ribena

Finally managed to upload some of the videos that I have taken of Ribena:

An introduction to Ribena
Ribena is falling asleep…
Ribena playing fetch, and failed!

Latest Update: Apparently Ribena has already found a home. I am rather saddened that right now, my decision is finally final, and yet happy for her. May she be happy with her new owners.

That family won’t know what hit them :)

Ribena’s Last Night with Me

Ribena & I

It was with a heavy heart that I returned Ribena, my female shihtzu puppy, to her owner.

The past one week homestay as Ribena stayed with me, I realised that there is no way I can provide her with the care and attention that she’ll need to grow as a happy puppy.

I am gone for almost 12 hours everyday for work. During that time, she whined for me (though after a day or two she toned down considerably) and was so bored that she played with things she never did before – water, newspaper, her paws.

Though she has the good sense not to play with her poop while I am gone.

When I come home, she will go mad with joy, jumping and barking and wagging her tail furiously. As I let her out from her playpen, she will circle my feet, and then paw her way to my knees.

There was once she run back to her playpen and get her favourite toy (the Starhub’s plush doggie) and run back to me. My heart broke. She misses me.

She learned the word “mum mum” – which means food. She will bark once at me, repeatedly, communicating her need for food. She gets puzzled by my choice of music – the way she cocked her head to one side is simply adorable – but got used to bozza nova whenever I am home.

One day I came home to discover her all wet and dirty from the sogged newspaper. I was furious and upset. But I realised it is not her fault. She is only a pup. She won’t know better. It is my responsibility to teach her, to keep her company.

It was there and then I knew I shouldn’t keep her for my own benefit. She deserves a home who can give her better care.

So I packed up all her stuff that now belongs to her – many pieces of rugs, a huge playpen, sleeping bed, dog food, toys, chewies… all these filled like two bags.

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