Off to Hong Kong – Again!

Once again reporting live from Pacific Coffee internet kiosk at Terminal 1, Changi Airport.

It seems like only yesterday when I went to Hong Kong for meetings with my boss. This time round, I am going on my own, and will have to hold my own ground in getting things done the right way.

It seems egoistic for me to say that, but hey, if you don’t believe your ideas are the best, then perhaps you are in the wrong job. Things should go my way… unless you convince me otherwise.

More often that not, I find it intriguing to hear about other people’s ideas. Haha. Well, at least I tried to be egoistic, but deep inside I am not one.

I don’t think I want to be. Ever.

Anyway. Yup, will be in HK for a week or so. Internet connection might be erratic, so updates might not be forthcoming.

But I know you guys got better things to do than missing me ;)

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