My Fitness Regime – Yet Another Update

My fitness regime took a back seat recently, as I struggled with many things… my puppy (no longer with me), my love life (mess is over), and my work (things are getting much better!)

It was close to a month before I started to see my PT again. Even so, my schedule is pretty erractic. My diet has shot to hell. No, I didn’t really indulge myself, but I didn’t watch what I eat.

So I fully expected that my fitness will be hell. Did some sessions for the past two weeks or so. Last night, Crix was ending a particularly gruesome shoulder work out when I suddenly felt like checking my vitals again.

The results were totally unexpected. Here’s a run down on my results since earlier this year.

As of 17 Jan 2008:
My weight was 84.2 kg
My body fat was 31.7%

As of 2 Feb 2008:
My weight is 81.2 kg
My body fat is 29.2%

As of 17 April 2008:
My weight is 78.6 kg (improvement of 2.6 kg, total weight loss of5.6 kg)
My body fat is 26.1% (improvement of 3.1%, total body fat loss of5.6%)

This is… incredible. My body weight is now at the level five years back, when I was at my slimmest. To be honest, I don’t look as slim, as I gained some lean mass, and I think overall I lost some lean mass as well due to my one month of inactivity.

But I feel… good. I can fit into 32″ jeans better now.

Crix told me to regulate my cardio and weight trainings, and do it more regularly, so that I will be on my way to achieve what I want hopefully by end June.

Gambatte, me! :)

P.S.: I know the pic is a little controversial. I am not aiming for such a lean body – I don’t think I can, nor does that suit me – but I like the possibility of dressing up so provocatively. Now, that’s a motivation. I could put my suspenders into good use. LOL.

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