Definitely Meaningful, Maybe Even More

To Maia, it was a love mystery of three women in her father’s life – April, Emily and Summer. Which one is her mother, and which one does he father love the most?

To me, it was a human tale of missed chances, of aspiration, of what you really want.

William Hayes’ character encompasses who I am, and who I am not, and who I could be. He moves through life a little hesitant, a little courageous, touching and shaping the lives of the women who fall in love him, and them, his life. He fights for what he believes in. He fights for what he wants.

And yet when faced with disappointment and rejection, imagined or otherwise, he pondered with sadness and moved on with grace.

I admire these in a person. I wish I am like that.

Definitely meaningful to me, maybe even more than that.

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