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Music, My Elixir of Life

Playing music has always been my passion. There is nothing like the feeling of making music together with a group of friends, bring to life notes that composers put on paper, each of us interpreting the song as our own.

Music has shaped many parts of my life. I am sure those of you who play in bands will share my sentiments. I can’t imagine what kind of person I am without music being part of me.

But like all passions you have during younger days, most will eventually die out. I have not been playing since I graduated from NTU five years ago. Yes, I still play the flute occasionally, but I wanted something more… something that allows me to grow with and hone my skills in. Something that will give me the satisfaction to be able to play, and playing it well.

The piano, to me, is a “distant” instrument. I am more of a wind instrument kind of person. I remember vaguely learning Grade 1 piano when I was very young. Since then, I have not been learning it at all…

… except for the time I discovered how to play “My Heart Will Go On” and irritated the hell out of my friends, since that’s the only song I will (and can) play :P

I decided to take up piano, once again. Been looking at some courses, particular those recreational piano classes at Yamaha and Cristofori. Both look good to me, and I am not sure which one I should choose.

Opinions, anyone? And is it too late for a 28-soon-to-be-29-year-old guy like me to learn piano?

Naughty Singapore

Just as I thought the KL Freeze is ahead of Singapore, I found that a local group has been doing similar pranks right here on this sunny island!

Though their “pranks” are a little tame compared to the ones in London and New York, nevertheless for a society like ours, it is a big step. Check out their videos here:
Calling Aliens @ Marina Square
Falling Asleep @ Ngee Ann Plaza
Scheming Artist @ City Hall

Actually, I was thinking… if ever someone took the initiative to have a Freeze Singapore event, and publicise it on the Internet, won’t he or she gets into trouble? I mean, it is a well known fact that Singapore is such a controlled society, with mandatory licenses for gatherings of all sorts, that I can’t imagine such a huge-scale prank will be tolerated.

Having said that, if there ever be one in Singapore, I’ll be there! Maybe the Cowboy Barfly will be daring enough for such a feat! :D

P.S.: And apparently the KL freeze event is mentioned all over the blogosphere – I wonder if they’ll be any trouble!