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Freeze for Kuala Lumpur – Enroute to Celine Dion

When a celebrity sneezes, thousands of fans jump.

Or in Celine’s case, her fans took a collective breath and change their plans. When it was reported that Celine has to postpone her KL concert from 8th April to 13th April, due to a respiratory infection, her legion of fans around here made alternative arrangements to attend her concert, Taking Chances World Tour 2008.

For people like my friend and I who are in Singapore, it means hurriedly changing our bus tickets and hotel reservations, not to mention project completion (his) and leave application (mine).

It was kinda frantic that I keep forgetting that I will be in KL this coming weekend.

So when I receive an invitation from a friend to take part in “KL Freeze in Unison” on the same day as Celine’s concert, my immediate reaction was to reply to him with a virtual knock to the head, and a demand to know how come he didn’t know I am in Singapore, and had been so for years.

And then the date clicked in my mind and I realised, yeah, I can be part of this history-making event!

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