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Excuse me, gorgeous, are you truly admirable?

The episode “Leech” of Smallville Season 1 taught me a great lesson.

Clark Kent’s power was somehow transfered to another kid through an unfortunate combination of lightning and meteor rocks. When the kid discovered he has superhuman power, he became delighted, proud, egoistic, scared and vengeful in turn.

What touches me the most is how, when two person are bestowed with the same gift, it is their values and beliefs that truly define who they are.

Eventhough Clark can put his power to “good use” (like the leech did), he didn’t.

Which brings to mind of this simple analogy – when two person are equally good looking on the outside, it is what’s inside that matter the most, that will differentiate them.

I want to admire a person who is blessed with good looks and a great inner personality.

Alas, I have yet to meet one.

Quotes from Smallville Season 1

Sometimes, when you pay attention to what you are watching on television, you might just learn something new… and perhaps, something that you take heed from.

I have been a Smallville fan for the longest time now. Bought the entire six seasons on DVD, and recently I am just starting to watch them again. For the whole of season 1, and most of season 2, the story revolves the strangeness that is Smallville – a town of meteor mutants (?)

That is just my long-winded way of saying that, it is kinda boring to watch repeats of those episodes.

But I can’t help but notice some of the lines were pretty meaningful. Here are some that people like me can reflect and ponder on.

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Who Says NTU Is Boring?

Well, at least not nowadays. What happened in NTU Canteen A recently was utterly ridiculous – not to mention hilarious – that I was gasping in admiration.

The familiar setting of the largest canteen NTU falling pranks to this bunch of exchange students got me bemused. As the local students look on stunned with what is unfolding, I can only wonder what they must be thinking.

If I was there, I would have cheered the ang-mohs on, throwing some food at them for good measure.

Click here for the video on YouTube. Credit to Tomorrow.sg.