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Random Act of Kindness

I guess it was apparent from my recent blog postings / Twitter / MSN nicks that my mood wasn’t the best lately.

So this little message from Elmo and friends cheered me up one gloomy morning in office.

Well Wishes from Roy

Thanks dude, really appreciate your thoughtfulness. You know who you are *hugs*

The Night That Was Friday

They say good friends will make all your troubles go away… well, not exactly go away, but good companions and good time will take your mind of them for a bit.

Which explains why I heralded a group of my straight friends for a fun night out last night.

It wasn’t really planned that way. I arranged to meet up with Tony and Yali for dinner. We decided to go to New Harbour which is located along Tanjong Pagar Road. The alfresco setting and crowd made the one-hour wait for the late couple much more bearable.

Of course, a pint of Erdinger helped. LOL.

Because I was kinda stuffed, and they are not exactly very hungry, we decided to order a few dishes to be shared – mixed grill platter, crackling roast pork, and BBQ squid. The food was excellent, and just thinking about what we had made my stomach grumbles right now.

New Harbour Cafe

Having an Erdinger along Tanjong Pagar Road

Our sumptious dinner for the night

Midway through dinner, we managed to arrange for Terence to join us for a night out. And by the time this newly-minted pilot (congrats, dude!) arrived, it was about 9-plus, perfect timing for some serious drinking. And like a herd leader I trooped my entourage to a nearby drinking joint.

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