To Hong Kong With Love – Part 1

Now reporting live from Changi Airport! :D

The check in to Cathay Pacific was a breeze. I was done within 2 minutes – I timed myself to see how efficient they are!

The custom clearance was a bit tricky though.

Custom Officer: (in Malay) Can you please remove your glasses?

Me: Huh?

Custom Officer: (narrowed his eyes, still speaking in Malay) Can you remove your glasses?

Me: (Puzzled) Oh! Okay! (Removed glasses)

Custom Officer: (Looked at me and looked down on my passport) Hmmmm….

Me: (Gave my most winning smile)

Custom Officer: Okay, you can go

With that he slapped my passport on the counter a little unceremoniously. I was still puzzled – that never happened to me before.

So I flipped open my passport and looked at myself.


I look so different! No wonder he was suspicious. Granted, the photo was taken in 1999, so it has been like… nine years.

Nine years.

How time flies. And I definitely prefer my current look. Hehe.

Walking around the aiport was a fun experience. I always loveeeeee airport. The buzz, the music, the shops, the cafes… it signal the fun stuff to come.

I had always travelled alone. No complaints ’cause I preferred it that way. But right now I wish I can share this… excitement with someone.

No, not my boss. You twit. LOL. Someone special la!

(Photos to come)

(Yes I always take photos at airports)

To Hong Kong With Love - Part 1 by


  1. chris says:

    changi airport customs slap passport on the table? for me i’ll scream i tell ya.

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