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To Hong Kong With Love – Part 6

Views from around the HK CBD area

And so the final day of my HK trip dawned on me. I woke up with a start with a call from my boss, who was obviously afraid I was hungover from my night out.

He wasn’t wrong. Hahah…

Had a super quick shower before packing up all my stuff to prepare for check out. Headed down to the restaurant for a buffet breakfast. The spread was alright, nothing to scream about, but I was still happy to try the buffet at least once.

After a fuss-free check out from the hotel, we took a cab down to the office, before we had our final meeting with the executive director. Everything went very well, and we wrapped up the discussion ahead of schedule.

Lunch was at this Shanghainese restaurant nearby the office. HK is really confusing. You have residence flats, office building and typical neighbourhood building all squezed onto a small plot of land. The food was pretty nice. Different from what you can find in Singapore.

And soon it was time to go home. Both my boss and I were looking forward to our flight back to Singapore. HK has been a whirlwind of experience, work wise, and nothing beats the familiar comfort of home.

But if all goes well, I would expect myself to spend more time in HK for the months to come. I am not too sure if I am exactly thrilled with the idea. Oh well! I will take it one day at a time :)

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