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To Hong Kong With Love – Part 4

Views from the office at mainland HK - Growing Plants

What a day it was! Packed with meetings, talks, discussion… and of course sights of Hong Kong that I never seen before.

My boss and I cabbed down to the office – only to discover the location is really mere minutes of walking distance from our hotel. Haha… and the weather is (finally) cold! It was windy, and people around me were donned in stylish jackets, coats and scarfs. It felt like walking in an Asian version of downtown Paris. LOL.

We were early, of course, and apparently the people in our HK office rarely show up on the dot at 9 a.m., since most of them work late every night due to their job nature.

Our first meeting of the day was a “strategic” workshop of sorts. It was an eye opening experience, and I really learned quite a bit from the facilitator of the workshop, whom validated our local strategies against market data collected for the past few weeks.

Lunch was a foursome affair at a nearby Thai restaurant. I must say Thai food in HK is much milder compared those I had in Singapore – even those at Thai Express possess stronger flavour.

Then again, the huge number of expats working around the area might explain why the chefs are light-handed in their cookery.

The afternoon session was with the technical team, and for that we have to take a one-hour shuttle bus ride into New Territories. For those who are unfamiliar with Hong Kong, the New Territories are located at mainland HK and is a large area relatively undeveloped compared to the central area. Here are where all the industrial buildings and factories are located at.

I was gasping at the unfamiliar side of HK that I couldn’t stop snapping away through the window of the bus (see photos below).

The technical discussion in the afternoon was yet another eye opening experience. Won’t elaborate more – work stuff la! Hehe :D

The journey back to the center of civilisation took yet another hour, and by the time we reached our hotel it was already past seven. Both my boss and I were dead tired. The night was chilly and I left my precious jacket in the office!

Decided to head for a pint at the hotel bar and chatted.

After that, I am too tired to venture out of my room now for proper dinner. Most likely will just order room service, and then have an early night. Tomorrow will be an all-day strategic discusssion, with some really really senior people.

Plus we have arranged for a 9-person dim sum lunch, and we will go for a drink after work. Yay! Can’t wait!

P.S.: I miss you, sweets. I want you to know that *hugs*

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To Hong Kong With Love – Part 3

Views from my hotel room

Good morning, babes!

Had a fitful sleep last night. Somehow my heart was beating very fast – was it the coffee? – and I was tossing and turning trying to get some sleep.

Perhaps my late night supper (Hoi Yat Fried Rice) has got something to do with it.

I knew I must have been deep asleep because I was having many different, vivid dreams. Woke up several times not knowing where I am, and (bloody hell!) I was having toothache!

So I popped two extra strong panadol when I woke up this morning at 7 a.m., before heading down to the restaurant to have breakfast with my boss.

Had a nice little chat with him over my plate of mushroom omelette. Stories about his old company and mine.

Now back in my room, typing this, and soon will get ready to go to the office. The last time I was there was for my interview. Right now I am going back as a staff.

Somehow I feel nervous of what to come. Wish me luck!

(more photos after the jump)

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