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To Hong Kong With Love – Part 2

Hong Kong International Airport

So I arrived to Hong Kong with little fanfare – and a little hot.

The flight was uneventful, as usual, except for one small difference. I am so used to traveling alone that I totally forgot what it will be like to travel with companion.

So I spent most of my 3-hours flight splitting my attention listening to my boss (Malaysian politics, anyone?), watching No Country for Old Men (it was a fantastic show) and taking my customary photos inside the plane (see below).

We landed at Hong Kong International Airport on time, took the express train to Hong Kong. Surprisingly the weather wasn’t cold or anything. In fact, I was perspiring lugging my suitcase around. Hmmm…

Took a cab to Harbour Plaza North Point, which will be our accommodation for the next three nights. Thank goodness my company has the foresight to book separate rooms for my boss and I. After my last job, I was kinda expecting a three-star hotel and a twin room, shared.

The hotel was good. Not luxurious like the ones I used to experience when I was still with the conference company, but good enough. I was told that it was a short cab ride away to the office.

My stomach was rumbling by that point of time, but apparently there were no eateries around the hotel area.

So after settling down in my room (including ironing my clothes for the next three days), I did what I vowed not not to do.

I ordered room service.

A plate of Hoi Yat Fried Rice for HK$80. It’s overpriced, it’s oily, it’s fattening.

But it soothed my hunger, and now I am like a contended bear sitting on my bed typing this.

Oh, Internet connection in my room is charged by the hour, and I seriously don’t think my company will pay for the access. So I am typing all these offline, and will upload them the moment I have a moment to spare from my endless scheduled meetings.

The next few days will be rounds of discussion with some directors and big shots of the business. Really hope things will work out.

(more photos after the jump)

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To Hong Kong With Love – Part 1

Now reporting live from Changi Airport! :D

The check in to Cathay Pacific was a breeze. I was done within 2 minutes – I timed myself to see how efficient they are!

The custom clearance was a bit tricky though.

Custom Officer: (in Malay) Can you please remove your glasses?

Me: Huh?

Custom Officer: (narrowed his eyes, still speaking in Malay) Can you remove your glasses?

Me: (Puzzled) Oh! Okay! (Removed glasses)

Custom Officer: (Looked at me and looked down on my passport) Hmmmm….

Me: (Gave my most winning smile)

Custom Officer: Okay, you can go

With that he slapped my passport on the counter a little unceremoniously. I was still puzzled – that never happened to me before.

So I flipped open my passport and looked at myself.


I look so different! No wonder he was suspicious. Granted, the photo was taken in 1999, so it has been like… nine years.

Nine years.

How time flies. And I definitely prefer my current look. Hehe.

Walking around the aiport was a fun experience. I always loveeeeee airport. The buzz, the music, the shops, the cafes… it signal the fun stuff to come.

I had always travelled alone. No complaints ’cause I preferred it that way. But right now I wish I can share this… excitement with someone.

No, not my boss. You twit. LOL. Someone special la!

(Photos to come)

(Yes I always take photos at airports)