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A Probationary Note

Oh, I forgot to add this.

Today, I completed my probation period for my new job. It has been three months.

Three months of preparation, thinking and planning for something that has yet to happen. It was a good honeymoon of sort, but I am glad the machine is finally turning now.

There is only so much inactivity that you can endure and remain motivated.

I remember being apprehensive in taking up this job, for many reasons. For one, it was a huge step up for me – something that terrifies and excites me in equal measure.

Yup, I passed the probation. I knew my boss recommended it to his boss. No pay increase – I didn’t expect any – but I am contended.

Wanted to celebrate it with someone special over dinner, but tonight is just not our night.

It’s ok, sweets. *hugs*

To Hong Kong… with the Fear for Flu Outbreak

I will be away in Hong Kong for a one-week business trip.

And I am scared shitless. Just read from the newspaper that there is some kind of SARS-like outbreak in the country, linked to the peak flu season (it’s averaging 18 degrees now in HK).

Two reported death from fever and flu.

I remember the time when SARS hit Singapore. I was in full panic mode, to the point I worry myself into being ill.

Will be packing cold pills, thermometer, face masks etc for my trip. And I won’t touch birds of any kind.

Wish me luck! I have many reasons to come back, on time, in one piece.