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The Gym Symphony

While I suck at weight lifting (chest training is horrible), I start to enjoy cardio more and more.

Usually on threadmill, walking and running alternately, while watching TV or listening to my iPod.

I realised that there are some songs which really get me going on the threadmill. When I needed that push to complete that last ten minutes of running, or that extra 100 kcal burnt, I will scroll through my iPod to find these songs.

Okay… actually, I only have two, and I guess they will be strange to many:

John William’s Summon The Heroes and Hairspray’s You Can’t Stop The Beat.

Hmmm… it’s an odd combi, eh? Hehe… but they got me through an hour plus on the threadmill today, covering some 7 km.

I am sore, but I am happy. :)

Sensible Intuition, Impulsive Heart

They are both a gift and a curse for Cancerian.

We are blessed with the power of intuition. Often, we know what exactly is happening around us. The undercurrent feeling, the unspoken word, the unexpressed emotion.

We know.

Yet, we are also gifted with the fickleness of a sensitive heart. We feel, deep down, what we ought to do, to make things better, to make things different from what it was.

We heed them.

Yet, more often than not, these gifts go in polar opposite, with less than desirable results.

I should listen more to my sensible intuition than my impulsive heart.