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10 Reasons Why My Saturday Sucked

  1. Woke up with a headache and full of worries, totally missed the opportunity to go to gym
  2. Weekend maid came by slightly late. Somehow her face was “black” throughout the four hours she cleaned my house. What the hell?
  3. Rushed down to buy some stuff to make someone happy. Ended up has to give it to his colleague for safe keeping because he was occupied with work
  4. Went to Brewerkz for dinner. Friend was one hour late. Enough said.
  5. Ended up, the friend invited his brother and sister-in-law along for dinner. Not that it’s a problem – but incessant conversation in a foreign language that I can’t speak in gets to me
  6. Service at Brewerkz was exceptionally bad. Why is is so hard to catch someone attention for some service?
  7. Date fell sick and unable to make it for our plans tonight. I understand, but feel disheartened all the same. Was looking forward to our night out
  8. Went to see date. Have to bid each other unceremonious farewell since the boss is around. Bah.
  9. Tried to make appointment with friend to catch up after gym tomorrow. Was refused flat.
  10. Came home to discover maid found out my stash of sex toys. I never use them – more like souvenirs from my travel – but it’s embarassing all the same.

I know I shouldn’t focus on my negative thoughts, but I feel miserable :(