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(Not Crying Over) Spilled Coffee

As usual, I bought my Starbucks White Americano on the way to office. The time was nearing nine, and the lift lobby was packed with office-dwellers like yours truly.

I was fumbling for my office keys in bag. And without really meaning to, I squeezed my cup off coffee too hard.

The cover popped off, and scalding hot coffee poured over my hands.

I was stunned – partly because of the pain, and partly because of the reactions from those around me.

As I scrambled to rid myself of the coffee cup, I can literally feel the stares of people behind my bag. I am sure some of them were stunned and not sure how they can help. I am really sure that there were kind souls like that.

But I am also sure there were people who rolled their eyes, cursing me for blocking/dirtying their way into the lift.

The lift arrived as I bent over to pick up my cup cover. Amazingly, these people just side step around me and rushed into the lift, as if their lives depended on it.

I walked calmly to the side, put down my bag, screwed on the cup cover again, put it down on the floor, and was wiping my hand when a bundle of white tissue paper was shoved into my face.

I looked up, perplexed, to see a Caucasian gentleman in polo tee and berms, grinning at me. He also hold a cup of Starbucks coffee.

I smiled, thanked him and took the tissues from him.

I am sure my accident happened to him before, too. And I am thankful for his help.

You know… I have never believed in the term “ugly Singaporeans”. But after today, I changed my mind.