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Good bye February, hello March

Good bye February, hello March

And so the month of February has come to an end. With the additional day in the month (in case you have been living under a rock, 2008 is a leap year), one would expect the month to be colourful, with two major occasions happening within the month – Chinese New Year, and Valentine’s Day.

What a colourful month it is. Love lost and found… friends made, re-made and un-made…

Looking back, I didn’t blog as much as I wanted to, except for a few locked postings for the reading of special friends. Hence the updates can’t really paint a good picture of what February 2008 has been like for me:

Had my first hair cut at Ashely Salon. Very pleased with the results, and will be returning again.

Gathering with uni friends at Brewerkz. It had been long time since we come together this way, since we can’t be all in Singapore at the same time due to our jobs. I guess the next round this will happen again will be next year.

Finally I thought it is time to introduce my other blog – Bruno Takes On 2008. Come to think of it, I have not been updating that blog, despite taking many photos. I should do it soon!

Min is back from Melbourne! Went to pick her up at the airport at the ungodly hour of 5 in the morning – only to discover the silly girl told me the wrong terminal. Tsk! But it was really GREAT to have her back here, and things are turning out well for her. You go, Min! :D

The day I have waited for so long is finally here. Dennis passed to me the set of personal portraits he took for me at the end of January. I wanted to document how I look back then, and to benchmark it to what I hope to achieve by June this year. Keeping my fingers crossed!

My most romantic Valentine’s Day, ever. Too bad it ended – and not on a good note at that. But because I am the bigger person, I shall not dwell on how one can self-deceive so much just to have the upper hand. It disgusts me.

Finally caught on to what Amazing Race is all about. The final episode in which the Singapore duo won The Amazing Race Asia left me in buckets of tears. And a heartful of determination.

I admit – I have been kinda obsessed about my workout regime of late, among other things. Did a check up on my progress since I started about a month ago, and I have to say, I am very pleased :)

The day when I dwelled on love, and what happens to me lately in that particular department. Things are still swinging wildly, but I have learned to let go and let its momentum to swing back to me.

After a long hiatus from American Idol, I caught one of the episode by chance while working out in the gym, and promptly fell in love with David Archuleta – arguably the most talented, charming, likeable and good looking contestant on the show this season. I am rooting for him!

I ended February 2008 in a daze. Looking back at January, I guess the stuff I am doing have not changed much. I am still reeling from my “adventures” in dating and relationship, fitness regime is still ongoing, and I am still a spendthrift.

Hah. Like that is going to change.

Looking forward to March 2008… I hope to be a more sensible, stable person. When it comes to many things – relationship, career, personal growth.

I think the keyword would be balance. Yup, I need to be less obsessed about certain things, and put more commitment into other things.

Happy March 2008, everyone :D

Jeans Evolution

I own pairs of jeans sparingly.

I have an ancient pair from Giordano at size 36″, straight cut. Baggy and unflattering, but it was something that I have worn for like two years.

Last month, I bought another pair from Pull N Bear at size 34″, slim cut. It was fitting, fit snugly, and rather flattering. A vast improvement from my old pair, my friends said.

And today, I bought yet another pair, this time from Graphite, at size 32″, slim cut. It was tight, fitted to my “curves”, and it made me look tall.

I couldn’t be more proud. A size 32″, after all these years.

Now if I could just let my friends criticise my new look – with my new floral top from Litmus Blue.