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CNY Holiday Day #4

Another lazy day. Slept in late to prepare a long night ahead. Wake up early enough to head down to the Fitness First gym at AMK Hub. It wasn’t pack, since it was the second day of CNY, so I was able to chalk up my usual minutes of cardio in relative peace.

And then it was time to head down to Wylie’s place for her CNY gathering. Actually the whole thing supposed to start off at 8 plus, but since I have another party to go to later that night, I decided to drop by earlier and have a catch up with Wylie before her guests turn up.

Over glasses of red wine, we updated each other on our lives, and how much has changed since the last we spoke. I am very happy for her because now she is in a very stable relationship, with someone that I actually knew from before.

And soon her guests turned up – a bunch of teenage girls from her workplace, I guess. So I became assistant host (hehe) and entertained the kids while Wylie rushed to prepare for the night. Eventually all of us ended up playing black jack. The stakes were painfully small (50 cents?!?) until I raised it to S$10 towards my last game.

Of course I won, haha. But I played yet another round to help the host out.

After that I went to Marc’s party. It was a gathering of online friends, and it was my first time to one of his “legendary” parties.

I was nervous! I don’t know who among my friends will be there, and I have never met the host before. But I knew Hisham and Garry will be, so at least there will be some familiar faces around.

I shouldn’t have been worried. The moment I was in the vicinity of his house, yet another friend called out for me.

And so the party begins, with lotsa food (most I didn’t touch – diet la) and plenty of drinks. Most importantly, I met so many “new” friends – friends that I somehow know online but never met before. And some other friends whom I didn’t know will be turning up.

The strangest thing was that these online friends actually recognise me, but more often than not I can’t, for the life of me, recognise them! It was so embarrassing! Sorry dudes for the lousy first impression :P

I had to leave the party early as I wasn’t feeling too good after too much to drink. And true enough, the moment I reached home, I…. did things that I am soooo glad I didn’t do at the party!!!

All in all, a good night out. Happy to have met up with old friends and made some new ones.

Thanks again to Marc for the invite. Appreciate it – and the next time I will wear my trendy specs so that you can recognise me. Haha…

CNY Holiday Day #3

After a long day yesterday, I was looking forward to a resting day. Slept in late, before headed out to meet my date whom will be coming over to my place for some time together.

I must say – it is nice to be cooked for. Usually, I am the one who did all the cooking whenever someone comes over for dinner. As dinner was being prepared in the kitchen, I was watching Friends on TV, nursing a can of beer.

Just like some lazy husbands. I really could get used to the feeling. LOL.

Bruno the Bear

I have been keeping this under wrap for sometime, in the fear that I might lose interest half way and the whole project didn’t pan out.

It has been more than a month (38 days to be exact) since I started this blog on January 1. Bruno Takes On 2008 is a narrative blog of my toy bear (nicked Bruno because he has a “B” on his chest, haha) taking on day to day living of my life.

Everyday, I will take a photo of him during a certain highlight of my day. It can be as mundane as me doing laundry, or something as exciting as going for a date.

Now that I have passed the one-month mark, I thought it is time for me to make a public announcement on Bruno Takes On 2008.

Since started the blog, I found myself looking forward to mark the highlight of the day with Bruno. It makes me look back on my life, on a daily basis, on what has happened and what makes me happy or sad. It is… therapeutic.

So here it is, my entry for the Chinese New Year. I have also added email and RSS subscription options on Bruno Takes On 2008, so that you can follow Bruno’s journey without having to return to the site every time.

Happy CNY, everyone!

CNY Holiday Day #2

For some reasons of which I don’t wish to talk about, I have to go back to work today. I didn’t really mind since I have a gym session with Crix later in the afternoon. But imagine my surprise when I reached office at 9 a.m. only to discover the office door is locked! Since we can’t get in until the person holding the key is here, my colleague Elaine and I went to Starbucks instead after telling our boss the situation.

We had a good, old time yakking away over our favorite cuppas of coffee and snapped some photos when our boss called and said that there is no point for us to hang around, so why not we head home. It was supposed to be a half day and we were supposed to knock off at 12 p.m. anyway.

Elaine Khoo

It felt like we went to school and was told we can go home early. Of course Elaine and I did the next sensible thing – we went shopping! I think working in Orchard has a bad influence on me, haha. Spent some more money on some skin care stuff.

So I went to the gym, had a rigorous workout, and then met Terence (Leong) for a late lunch before heading home. Slept for a bit, then headed down to Holland Village to meet Asraf for dinner.

Asraf and I got to know each other under very special circumstances, and it was a nice night hanging out with him. After dinner we went to have a drink and did some bar-hopping, meeting some of his friends along the way. We were in a club before fatigue caught hold of me, so I headed home at 2 plus.

CNY Holiday Day #1

The Chinese New Year festivities started with a gathering of my best NTU buddies at Brewerkz. Liping was home from London for the CNY holiday (she is back almost like every other two months!), and since Terence Cheah was (surprise! surprise!) free for a gathering, so the few of us got together for dinner and beer.

It was, to me, one of the best gatherings we had for a long, long time. You know how people says… acquaintances come and go, but only the really true friends will stay? These guys have seen me through thick and thin throughout the years. I love you all – but I think you already know that! :D

Gathering @ Brewerkz

Gathering @ Brewerkz

Gathering @ Brewerkz

By the way, I look awfully chubby in these photos – I don’t know why!

Monday Madness

Actually, not really. It’s just that this particular Monday has been very different from my other Mondays. Let’s see:

1) Work – got started on my marketing plan, and helped my colleague with some stats compilation
2) Hair – managed to get an appointment at Ashley Saloon. For S$25, I am very satisfied with the results
3) Gym – went to the gym earlier than my 7 p.m. appointment. Did one-hour of cardio, another hour of weight training, plus 100 abs crunches. This time round I was actually sweating through the entire process without much trouble. Nice!
4) Date – went to meet date and friend. Pass the friend’s test *grins*

All in all, a very (unexpectedly) good Monday. Hope tomorrow will be equally good!

Wanna see my new haircut? Here are the before and after photos:

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My Fitness Regime – An Update

It has been about two weeks since I started my fitness regime. Wow, honestly I thought it was longer than that.

Losing weight is something that I had always wanted to do. As the Fitness First saying goes… “Motivation is what get you started, habit is what get you there”

My motivation was somewhat “shallow”, because I wanted to be as stylish as (and matching to) a certain someone. But as I start to buy new clothes and realised how good it felt to be look good, I think it is only right to do this for myself.

Myself, and no one else. Like how my new year resolution goes… I want to make myself happier this year, and not because of others.

On the “habit” front, well… my workout schedule has been quite erratic. Mostly my fault for not being able to keep to my appointments, but I still managed to work out at least twice a week.

And my diet is going well. Strong coffee in the morning, fruits for lunch, light dinner in the evening. Hunger pangs start to attack again, especially when you have occasions like weddings and meals with friends, but I think I will be able to keep them at bay. Certainly, my diet has become a habit.

Did a little check up with Crix yesterday. To my surprise I have already lost some weight:

As of 17 Jan 2008:
My weight was 84.2 kg
My body fat was 31.7%

As of 2 Feb 2008:
My weight is 81.2 kg (improvement of 3 kg)
My body fat is 29.2% (improvement of 2.5%)

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Good bye January, hello February

The month that was January 2008

In the blink of an eye, February 2008 is here upon us. Looking back to the first month of the year, I have to say it has been even more tumultuous month for me. Never did I expect it to be so, especially after an uneventful last month of 2007.

In the past month, I have:

Lamented about the year that was 2007, and vowed to make myself a happier and more contended person in 2008

Fall in love with Bellini Room. Simply can’t get enough of Darius Mendoza and Rob Collin.

Got myself a pair of spectacles that I really, really like – only to discover it is the exact same pair owned by a friend. It was pure coincidence!

Subscribed to cable TV for the first time in my life. To date I have turned it on for a grand total of four times. And I think I will sell of the free TV set

Contemplated about the fact that I’ll be 30 soon, and how all I want is the love of my life

Went mad recently with a wardrobe overhaul, and got myself a new look. Still in progress actually, but I think my shopping spree is going faster than my fitness improvement regime

Went back to Ipoh for Ivan’s wedding. Meeting up with an old friend on the most important day of his life has close up the years we were separated.

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