My Fitness Regime – Update 2

My Fitness Regime - Update 2

Today I had my measurement officially taken by Crix, which is about a month since I started my fitness programme with him. For some reasons, I got my previous stats in my last update post wrong, so here are the actual ones:

As of 17th January 2008
Weight = 83.4 kg
Fat % = 30.7%
Fat Mass = 25.6 kg
Lean Mass = 42.3 kg

As of 19th February 2008
Weight = 81.1 kg (a reduction of 2.3 kg)
Fat % = 24.3% (a reduction of 6.4%)
Fat Mass = 19.7kg (a reduction of 5.9 kg)
Lean Mass = 44.9 kg (an increase of 2.6 kg)

I know… if you use your maths logic and try to tally the number… well, they don’t add up. I can’t figure it out, but since I am always using the same machine to measure these stats, I reckon they are some kind of benchmarks that I can use.

Some observations:

I didn’t lose as much weight as I thought. In fact when I saw the results, I was a bit disheartened. But Crix was quick to point out that although my effective weight loss is somewhat small, I must look at my fat loss, and muscle gain.

Because I have been doing cardio consistently for at least 45 minutes every time I am in gym (averaging at 3 times a week), completing at least 4 k.m., my fat loss is substantial. This is, of course, helped by the no-carb less-food diet regime that I am under, despite the occasional dinners and drinking sessions.

In fact, Crix is amazed by the amount of fat I lost. I am pretty happy about it myself :D

While I was doing cardio at my own time, I spent every single session with Crix (ten so far) doing weight training, working on my arms, legs, shoulders, back etc. over and over again. My abs crunches are getting easier now, and I realised my endurance for weights is getting stronger. That would explain my gain in lean mass (i.e. muscle).

Okay, so now if you look at me, you can’t really see them. Crix adviced me to go for a tan, it will be work wonder to highlight my lines. Hahaha… :)

But most importantly, I have lost 5 cms from my waist. That is equivalent to a loss of two freaking inches!. I wasn’t jumping up and down when I saw the results, but now I am at home looking at my ruler, I realised (with a BIG grin) that two inches in a month is indeed a lot.

The good news? I fit better in my pants now. The bad news? I need to buy new pants soon!

So that’s 1/3 of my personal trainer package gone. I must say I am happy with the results. For the next one month, I would want to do these:
1) Increase my cardio work out to cover 6 km in 45 minutes
2) Work out at least two groups of muscles within a session
3) Arrange with Crix to intensify my workout (it has been a tad too slow)
4) Increase (hopefully double) my abs crunches

If all works well, I should prepare for a budget to buy new clothes in April – and for yet another photo shoot with Dennis :D

P.S.: I know the photo at the beginning of the post is irrelevant – but I would kill to have arms like that!!

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