Lydia Sum Died… at 60

Lydia Sum Died... at 60

It shocked me to the core that Lydia Sum, died this morning in Hong Kong. The reason is not widely known, but it was suspected that her long cancer-related illness has finally taken its toll on her.

I remember her vividly – she is the comedian whom I look forward to watch on TV as a child. With a loud, vivacious laughter that you can identify in a room full of people, Lydia, or “fei jie” (fat sister in Cantonese) has a huge personality that renders her a long career in the entertainment industry.

This news, still not yet widely circulated on the Internet, saddened me. There goes another truly talented entertainer of our time.

At least she made it past CNY this year.

Rest in piece, Lydia Sum. You are fondly remembered.

(And this reminded me of the Heath Ledger’s saga last month)

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