CNY Holiday Day #6

The last day of the CNY holiday! And what better way to herald the day than meeting up with your good friend?

Min is back from Melbourne! This time most likely for good if she gets that dream job she wants. Since the boyfriend is out on business in Japan, and she arrives like 5 plus in the morning, I can’t imagine a petite girl like her lugging around her baggages making her way home.

So I volunteered to go down to the airport (after a sleepless night, I must add) to pick up!

But the silly girl gave me the wrong details! She told me it was Terminal 2, but it was actually at Terminal 3. I arrived like 30 minutes before her flight was supposed to land, and I was panicking when I can’t find the flight number of the arrival list. So I hurried to find the screen for arrivals to T3, and true enough there it was! And it has landed early!

So I rushed over to the skytrain to go over to T3… and on the way Min already SMS-ed me if I am here. Gosh, there goes my imagination of welcoming her the moment she got out of the arrival gate. LOL.

We met up at TCC, and had coffee and catch up with each other. It was more like me filling her in about the tumultous love life that was January, and for her to tell me what is happening with her dream job.

It was so goooood to see her again. I am really, really glad she is back!

Me & Min

After sending her back to Ted’s place, I made my way home to catch up on sleep. It was a fitful one since my weekend maid was here in the afternoon and I have to open the door for her, and there was a string of SMS-es that kept me awake. In the end I woke up at 2 p.m. to head down to the gym since I have an appointment with Crix at 4 p.m.

Only to have him calling me at 3 p.m. when I was already walking towards One George Street that he needed to cancel! Damn! But never mind, since I am already there, I will just do what I wanted to do.

I have to say I was pretty proud of myself. Despite my lack of sleep, I still managed to complete my 45 minutes of cardio (clocking 5 km, by the way) and did some weight and abs crunches.

Headed back for a simple dinner, and here I am typing this entry :D

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