CNY Holiday Day #5

I slept till very, very late to recover from the night before. Even when I was actually awake, I stayed in bed to nap and read my book in turn, whiling away my time for some gatherings that very night.

At about eight plus, I headed down to Shawn’s place, which is actually very near to my place. Hmmm… now I come to think of it, it was kinda awkward because we are from different circles of friends, and I really do not know the people at his party. He was screening Devils Wear Prada, and then Harry Potter & The Order of Phoenix, so I managed to escape my awkwardness for quite a bit.

Towards the end of the party, a few other more familiar friends turned up, so I wasn’t that aloof anymore. Haha… somehow I don’t find myself that sociable! I am not sure why.

After Shawn’s, I made my way down to Bukit Timah to find Garry. Again, another first time for me, though his party was already dwindling down by the time I arrived. Eventually it was only him, me and Kelvin, and we have a long chat over some drinks about stuff. Actually, I was more like doing some major listening as they relate to me the stories of their lives. I have to say, it was very fascinating.

Sometimes I wonder why my life has been so… undramatic. Haha.

At about two we made our way to clubs. Met a few more others who happen to be around, so things were quite fun. Retired to Maxwell Market for supper and yakked with some more friends. I have to keep awake since I need to head to the airport later on the same morning… but that’s for the entry of the next day :)

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