Chinese New Year Madness

Happy Chinese New Year!

Finally the long weekend has come to an end. This is the first time in many years that I spent my Chinese New Year holiday in Singapore. Since the bus ticket to go home is horrendously priced during this festive season, and the fact that hardly anyone of my family will be at home, it will be pointless for me to make the 8-hours journey to Ipoh.

At first I thought it will be lonely and uneventful CNY holiday, but gosh how mistaken I was! Unintentionally I have packed theweekend with loads of stuff, with many hours of “me-time” in between.

Here are my entries chronicling the six days of CNY holidays for me :D

Day #1
Day #2
Day #3
Day #4
Day #5
Day #6

The CNY holiday has been a fun time for me. I did things that I never done before, met up with friends old and new, and spend some time on myself. I am not sure what the rest of February may bring, but I hope it will continue to bring me happiness, less heartache and… surprises.

Yes, surprises. I need something that spark my intrigue and pull my heart strings.

And the weather has been really great recently, ain’t it? Hehe.

Hope you guys had a great CNY hols too :)

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