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A moment of change

A moment of change

I have not been updating my blog for ages now.

Truth to be told, there are many things which distracted me. For one, work is heating up – finally. Those who listened to me whining about how uninspiring my work has become will breath in relief.

I am officially swamped with analysis after analysis. These by no mean will propel the business forward – there are still too much uncertainties – but at least things are looking promising.

On another front, I have ended the date with whom I celebrated V-day. As much as I wish it’ll work, the truth is that we are just two different person with contrasting values and personalities.

I think I was blinded by my need to be in a relationship.

One sinked, another one rise. I am much more certain things will work out between my new date and I. There are chemistry, spark, excitement and understanding all rolled into one.

I just regret that I didn’t make my move earlier. Afterall, we have known each other for six years.

I said, “I am already very late in many things with you, I don’t want to be late anymore”

“Well, you are not too late for anything”

You have no idea how much this makes me happy.