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The Amazing Race Asia – Collin & Adrian

The Amazing Race Asia - Collin & Adrian

Let me be the first to admit – I have never watched The Amazing Race. I knew many of my friends are fans of the reality show, but as a non-couch potato that I am, I just never caught the fever.

But when news were abound that the team from Singapore won the Asia version of the show, I was intrigued. And when someone posted links to YouTube for the shows, I watched them to see what the hype is about.

At the end of the five clips, I was crying as I watch the duo ran to the finishing line, claiming the grand prize of USD100K.

The show itself was a heart-stopping ride. Racing across 10 countries and 15 cities, the final three teams competed with each other in completing tasks after tasks, counting on a combination of their wits, fitness and composure to beat the others.

And the fact that the race ended in Singapore, where I am living now, only made it all the more real for me.

The duo, Collin and Adrian, was awe-inspiring to watch as well. Collin was the typical Singaporean boy, but it was Adrian whom tugged at the strings of my heart. As the only contestants in Amazing Race that has a disability – he was deaf since born – the gusty fighter kept calming Collin at the tensest moments of the show, and he was the one who kept his cool during the most pressurising stage of the show – the one with the country flags at Sentosa.

It was Adrian’s relentless pursuit to prove that his disability is no hindrance for him to enjoy life to the fullest that got me all inspired.

The second winning team comprises of two Malaysian girls were entertaining enough to watch. I can’t say much about the Filipino duo – they were a bit over confident for my taste – but they should be applauded as they ended the race at third place gracefully.

What can I say? The Amazing Race has now gained another new fan, and I am now inspired to look beyond my own comfort zone in living my life towards the fullest.

Congrats, Collin and Adrian, you guys were awesome. Spend that USD100K wisely!