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The dinner that was Valentine’s Day

Welcome to Broth!

There is something different about this year’s Valentine, isn’t it? Somehow I just felt the urge to do something special on this date, and that was what I did yesterday with my date.

With recommendation from a friend, I made a reservation for two for the Valentine’s Special at Broth, which is located along Duxton Hill, along Tanjong Pagar.

As both of us walked nearer to the stretch of shophouses where Broth is located at, I was mesmerised by the place. It was hidden from the buzz that is Duxton Hill (you know… where the Filipino girls hang out looking for “friends”), and tucked in a corner along with some other equally non-descriptive outlets.

The moment I walked into Broth, I was charmed.

The staff were buzzing and smiling to customers, all dressed smartly in tight black jeans, personalised belt (with their individual names!) and striped shirt. And they are all so good looking!

We choose to sit inside the eatery. My date and I were both admiring the beautiful deco (photos to follow), before we actually got into programme proper, namely dinner and get-to-know-each-other-better kind of conversation.

Seems like they only serve the Valentine’s special tonight, and I am impressed with what experience. Yeah, so the time lag between each course was rather lengthy, but with the right companion and right music (jazz, bossa nova, anyone?), who needs to rush through their food?

Broth chef has overdid himself – his food was absolutely delicious. Served in just the right portion, each bite was a tantalising symphony of taste and flavour. Grinning as I tucked in, I told my date how much I love the food. The sentiment was mutual.

I am no food blogger/reviewer, so I’ll let the photos do the talking.

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