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CNY Holiday Day #3

After a long day yesterday, I was looking forward to a resting day. Slept in late, before headed out to meet my date whom will be coming over to my place for some time together.

I must say – it is nice to be cooked for. Usually, I am the one who did all the cooking whenever someone comes over for dinner. As dinner was being prepared in the kitchen, I was watching Friends on TV, nursing a can of beer.

Just like some lazy husbands. I really could get used to the feeling. LOL.

Bruno the Bear

I have been keeping this under wrap for sometime, in the fear that I might lose interest half way and the whole project didn’t pan out.

It has been more than a month (38 days to be exact) since I started this blog on January 1. Bruno Takes On 2008 is a narrative blog of my toy bear (nicked Bruno because he has a “B” on his chest, haha) taking on day to day living of my life.

Everyday, I will take a photo of him during a certain highlight of my day. It can be as mundane as me doing laundry, or something as exciting as going for a date.

Now that I have passed the one-month mark, I thought it is time for me to make a public announcement on Bruno Takes On 2008.

Since started the blog, I found myself looking forward to mark the highlight of the day with Bruno. It makes me look back on my life, on a daily basis, on what has happened and what makes me happy or sad. It is… therapeutic.

So here it is, my entry for the Chinese New Year. I have also added email and RSS subscription options on Bruno Takes On 2008, so that you can follow Bruno’s journey without having to return to the site every time.

Happy CNY, everyone!