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CNY Holiday Day #2

For some reasons of which I don’t wish to talk about, I have to go back to work today. I didn’t really mind since I have a gym session with Crix later in the afternoon. But imagine my surprise when I reached office at 9 a.m. only to discover the office door is locked! Since we can’t get in until the person holding the key is here, my colleague Elaine and I went to Starbucks instead after telling our boss the situation.

We had a good, old time yakking away over our favorite cuppas of coffee and snapped some photos when our boss called and said that there is no point for us to hang around, so why not we head home. It was supposed to be a half day and we were supposed to knock off at 12 p.m. anyway.

Elaine Khoo

It felt like we went to school and was told we can go home early. Of course Elaine and I did the next sensible thing – we went shopping! I think working in Orchard has a bad influence on me, haha. Spent some more money on some skin care stuff.

So I went to the gym, had a rigorous workout, and then met Terence (Leong) for a late lunch before heading home. Slept for a bit, then headed down to Holland Village to meet Asraf for dinner.

Asraf and I got to know each other under very special circumstances, and it was a nice night hanging out with him. After dinner we went to have a drink and did some bar-hopping, meeting some of his friends along the way. We were in a club before fatigue caught hold of me, so I headed home at 2 plus.