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Monday Madness

Actually, not really. It’s just that this particular Monday has been very different from my other Mondays. Let’s see:

1) Work – got started on my marketing plan, and helped my colleague with some stats compilation
2) Hair – managed to get an appointment at Ashley Saloon. For S$25, I am very satisfied with the results
3) Gym – went to the gym earlier than my 7 p.m. appointment. Did one-hour of cardio, another hour of weight training, plus 100 abs crunches. This time round I was actually sweating through the entire process without much trouble. Nice!
4) Date – went to meet date and friend. Pass the friend’s test *grins*

All in all, a very (unexpectedly) good Monday. Hope tomorrow will be equally good!

Wanna see my new haircut? Here are the before and after photos:

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