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My Fitness Regime – An Update

It has been about two weeks since I started my fitness regime. Wow, honestly I thought it was longer than that.

Losing weight is something that I had always wanted to do. As the Fitness First saying goes… “Motivation is what get you started, habit is what get you there”

My motivation was somewhat “shallow”, because I wanted to be as stylish as (and matching to) a certain someone. But as I start to buy new clothes and realised how good it felt to be look good, I think it is only right to do this for myself.

Myself, and no one else. Like how my new year resolution goes… I want to make myself happier this year, and not because of others.

On the “habit” front, well… my workout schedule has been quite erratic. Mostly my fault for not being able to keep to my appointments, but I still managed to work out at least twice a week.

And my diet is going well. Strong coffee in the morning, fruits for lunch, light dinner in the evening. Hunger pangs start to attack again, especially when you have occasions like weddings and meals with friends, but I think I will be able to keep them at bay. Certainly, my diet has become a habit.

Did a little check up with Crix yesterday. To my surprise I have already lost some weight:

As of 17 Jan 2008:
My weight was 84.2 kg
My body fat was 31.7%

As of 2 Feb 2008:
My weight is 81.2 kg (improvement of 3 kg)
My body fat is 29.2% (improvement of 2.5%)

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