Phuketism 2007 – The Third Day

My third day at Phuket started on a very lazy note. After such a late night the night before, I woke up very late, completely screwing up my plans to go to the beach for a bout of suntanning.

In the end I still go to Patong beach. Old habits die hard la. I still like this beach as it is always abuzz, centrally located. And the sun was beating down so strong, I simply couldn’t resist!

So off I went to the beach, got myself a chair, and promptly ordered a roast drumstick, beer, coconut, spring rolls and prawn fritters. I was starving :D

Here are some photos of my one and only sun tanning session in Phuket this time round:

A customary photo of me...

The crowd that is Patong

The incredibly bright sky

Beer & snack...

Got the tan that I wanted, and then headed back to my room. Rested for a bit (yes I was that tired!) before heading out again for another round of foot massage and (finally!) my manicure. It is quite nice, actually. I am seriously thinking of doing it regularly. My nails look so nice now. Haha…

My manicure - before!

My manicure - after!

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