Phuketism 2007 – The First Night

There is always, always a first time for everything. Well, last night was my first brush with Thai law enforcement officers. Here’s the story.

It was about 8 p.m., and I was hungry for food after posting the previous entry. Patong area was literally crawling with traffic – there were so many people, everywhere! Finding a bike parking space was a nightmare. Yes, just a tiny space for my tiny bike… and I can’t find any!

Eventually I parked in front of this club, before crossing the street for my long awaited dinner. It wasn’t fantastic, but it is authentic Phad Thai. The wait staff are really, really friendly. Because it was so jam-packed everywhere, I had to share my table with a Caucasian couple. I thought, finally, I get the chance to know some fellow tourists.

But the old couple hardly give me any notice and started jabbering away what sounds like German the moment they sit down. The old man actually gave me an evil stare when I tried to smile to him.

Talk about being friendly to strangers. Bah!

Phad Thai

No. 6 Restaurant

Then I returned to my bike, and to my horror I saw my bike was chained up to another bike! A white piece of paper was stuck to the seat. Fearing the worse (I think it was a parking summon), I tried to read what grave offense did I make to warrant such barbaric act.

But the damn thing is in Thai. Damn!

I looked around in exasperation, and approached the bouncer from the club for help. As I tried to explain what happened, he nodded wisely and tried to explain to me what I should do. The English was horrible, but I gathered that I have parked at the red line (it was hardly visible!), and now I have to go to the police station to pay the fine.

He got me a bike taxi, and off we braved through the traffic of Patong to the Kathu Police Station. My heart was bumping fast as I try to recall what I have read about Thai police – the gulag, the inhuman treatment to prisoners, the filthy cell, the immovable guards…

I shuddered thinking of what fate might await me.

To my amazement there seems to be a whole group of people gathered at the police station. Mostly Caucasians holding helmets and the same white notice. Then I realised the Thai traffic police has just go on a chaining spree around Patong, and now they are reaping the reward!

Instead of being thrown into the infamous Thai cell, the police simply asked for my name, where I came from, and say I was fined because “no license cannot ride”. I was like, what?

Anyway, the fine was THB 300. Grudgingly I paid up. And I was two minded whether I should thank the officer for taking my money and making my night miserable.

Of course, the suck-up in me smiled at his scowling face and thanked him profusely.

Back to the chained bike. The bloody bike taxi rider charged me THB100 for a simple ride to and fro! I thought it was only like THB40. Kena conned again!

So after hunting down a traffic police whom unsmilingly unchained my bike (again the suck up in me thanked him), I was exhausted by all the doings so I went back to my hotel to rest.

Well, that’s my first (and hopefully) the last brush I will have with Thai police!

And then the night life began in earnest close to midnight. I will skip the story… but all in all great damage have been done. Three bottles of red labels, two clubs, and a truckload of Thai people who got too drunk for their own good.

Come to think of it, I shouldn’t have drank so much too. But it was fun!

Night Out at Galaxy Pub

Night Out at Galaxy Pub

Night Out at Galaxy Pub

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