Phuketism 2007 – The First Afternoon

It is another habit of mine to kick start my beach-ing in Phuket at Patong Beach. However, as I looked at the crowded beach, I thought, why not do something different this time?

So I rode my bike to Karon Noi Beach, also known as the Relax Bay.

Karon gotta be the longest beach there is in Phuket. The white sand stretches far into the horizon, there are so many spots for me to stop that I didn’t know which one to choose! Undecided, and prompted by my hungry tummy, I stopped for lunch at this little rustic looking eatery called Talay Restaurant. The food wasn’t great, the price is okay, and it got a pretty nice view, so I am not really complaining.

Talay Restaurant

My food! Beef fried rice… quite nice eh? It could have tasted better though

Talay Restaurant

The view of Karon Noi Beach from my seat at Talay

Talay Restaurant

The inside view of Talay

After my uneventful lunch, I headed across the street for a bout of sun tanning… but to my dismay the sky has taken a turn for the gloomy. I think rain is coming. Nevertheless I thought it will be nice for me to laze on the beach for a bit, check out the sights (hehe), try out my new Arena trunk (it’s sexy baby~) and take a few photos – here they are!

Karon Noi Beach

Karon Noi Beach

Karon Noi Beach

Then I made my way for my (another habit) spa session at The Sense Spa. On the way I spotted so nice sights on Kata Yai beach.

Kata Yai

I think this is the Kata Yai beach. Where Club Med is located at? Anyway, this sight is unusual. I don’t see many yatches docked at Phuket beaches like this. I guess the yatches were here for the King’s Cup Regatta, which is held every year in Phuket around this time of the year

Kata Yai

The stretch along Kata Yai, right in front of Club Med

And so on to The Sense Spa. The time was about 3 p.m. (Phuket time), so I contemplated to have a long massage session. The package all sounded pretty nice, but not the combi that I like, so I custom made my own: Thai massage (90 minutes at THB750), Thai foot reflexology (60 minutes at THB450) and facial for men (60 minutes at THB1250).

Total damage: 3.5 hours, THB2,450!!! Definitely the biggest expense I ever incur for a massage session in Thailand.

The therapist started with Thai massage first. I was donned in this massage gear. Unlike oil massage, you need not to take off your clothes. As she twist and press my entire body… I feel a bit uncomfortable. I am pretty sure that she spent too much time “attending” to my groin area!!! I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so it is obvious when she touched me… uh, there.

Instead of trying to relax and enjoy the massage, I was concentrating not to have any reactions to her… advances.

Or maybe my mind is just over reacting. Haha….

After the Thai massage (which is less bone cracking than what I would have liked), she proceeded to foot massage. It was alright… wasn’t very painful (I like it strong, actually), and I feel asleep while she is doing my feet. I think I am more used to have foot massage sitting on a reclining chair rather than lying on a massage bed.

And then the facial. My first, proper facial.

My eyes were closed (obviously), so I can’t really see what my therapist was doing. She deftly tie a towel around my forehead, and proceeded to put something very, very cold onto my face.

It smelled damn familiar. No, not facial product. Definitely food of some kind.

Was it…. sour cream? Mustard? Custard?

And then it hit me – the cold stuff was yogurt!!! OMG I was having yogurt spread all over my face, massaged into every nooks and corners.

It took all my will power not to lick around my lips. I am not so sure this stuff on my face is edible.

Then it was something like… cucumber. And something else that smells like… cucumber. Or maybe it is seaweed, I am not sure. At one point I think I detected honey. My mind was busy identifying all the food being put onto my face that I forgot to enjoy the session. Silly me!

And I am very sure those pieces of stuff that made my mask were pieces of cucumber! LOL – I can’t imagine it if I actually have allergy to cucumbers. Here are some photos from the spa:

The Sense Spa

The entrance to Sense Spa, where I had my most expensive massage in Phuket, ever!

The Sense Spa

The tea served at the reception before I began my treatment

The Sense Spa

I always thought the bathroom in The Sense Spa is pretty nice. Cascading water, like waterfall. I like :D

The Sense Spa

The room where I had my 3.5 hour long treatment!

The Sense Spa

That’s me in my Thai massage gear. I look so pale!!

After the session (I tipped my therapist a hefty 300 baht!), it was only 6.30 p.m. but the sky is already dark. Hurriedly I made my way back to Patong, refueling on the way (those little gasoline kiosks in Phuket are so adorable, considering they are serious fire hazard), and back to my the sanctuary of my guesthouse.

I can’t wait to kick start my night life tonight! :)

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