Phuketism 2007 – The Arrival

The flight onboard JetStar was somewhat… (dare I say it?) boring. Apart from the group of Caucasians who cheered when the pilot announced our arrival at Phuket airport, and the little girl whom vomited spectacularly and stenching the plane, everything else was pretty mundane.

Of course I ordered my customary coffee and peanuts, hehe.

So onwards to Phuket airport. The queues were long and slow moving. Thank God for iPod! As I belted out Hairspray OST (again!), I must be the only one who wasn’t bothered by the long wait. While everyone else kept grunting in impatience, I actually danced a little to my favs.

Come to think of it, it was a miracle that the custom officers didn’t pull me aside to reprimand me. LOL.

And so Khun Sombat, as pre-arranged, was waiting for me at the arrival hall. This time he took an alternative road to Patong. Usually, one would have to go through Phuket town and climbed up and down a hill before reaching Patong. This time he took a road through Surin Beach, then Kamala Beach, before finally hitting Patong.

The road was long, dark, winding, boring… I preferred the hill hike.

Anyway, on to my hotel. Star Orchid Guesthouse is worth every dollar! It is clean, well kept. The staff are friendly, even the mini bar stuff are cheap. I think I am going to be very happy here, hehe.

Star Orchid Guesthouse - The Bed

Star Orchid Guesthouse - The Entrance

Star Orchid Guesthouse - The Wardrobe

Star Orchid Guesthouse - The Toilet

After dumping all my stuff in the room, I set out for dinner. Sat next to this incredibly expressive table of Spanish ladies and a man. The way they speak, gesture, articulate, joked with the wait staff… I was so mesmerised that I didn’t realised I was staring.

Now, today, the 5th of Dec, is the King’s Birthday. During this celebrated day, all bars and clubs in Thailand will be closed, and no alcohol will be served. I read from somewhere that it is quite offensive to ask for beer and stuff on this day. But surprisingly I saw many tourists were drinking away at the restaurant I was in. I am not sure if this is…. allowed? Customary? Customers are always right?

To be on the safe side, I ordered a milk shake. Hehe…

First dinner in Phuket...

After dinner, I stumbled up the road in the manner of the very full, and decided to get a foot massage. The therapist is super chatty. In fact, the whole place, which happened to be a full house, were abuzz with customers and staff chatting away.

So much so that I feel pressured to make conversation!

So I did… and the therapist noticed my unkempt toenail, and asked if I would like to get a manicure.

A manicure! Me! A man! I tell you!

Of course I did. Haha… there is always a first time for everything.

I must say, having two girls working on you at the same time is a perplexing experience. One is plucking away at my dead skin and overgrown nails, another were flexing my toes and pressing at spots I didn’t know can hurt (and please) so much.

And my therapist noticed that I have a birthmark on my little toe on my right foot. She told me, in Thai custom, someone with my marking will have the luck to travel the world.

I told her I traveled around Thailand, does that count? Hehe…

Well, the before and after effect was… pretty amazing. And I promised the girls that I will be back tomorrow for a pedicure! Haha…

Good? Good!

Here’s my therapist, whom gave me an hour long foot massage. This is her favorite pose!

My bubbly, bubbly manicurist

My bubbly, bubbly manicurist. She kept a constant chatter throughout our session. Fun!

The before photo

My right foot before the manicure… urgh!

My perfectly manicured toes!

About 40 minutes of plucking, filing, and clipping, here’s the result!

I must say tonight was a good start for my trip! I am really happy to be here! :)

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