Phuketism 2007 – A Conclusion

It is so un-me that I did not finish up my travel log, especially for some place that I love so much like Phuket. Various reasons, actually:

1) A mere few hours after I touched down in Changi Airport, I reported to work at my new job. Isn’t ideal. I was supposed to be in tip-top condition, alert and assertive.

2) The erractic weather in Singapore and Phuket has taken its toll on me. In fact, I am still coughing badly as I type this

3) I was a tad depressed at the end of my Phuket trip. Don’t ask me why. Despite my cheerful tone in my previous Phuketism 2007 blog posts, I wasn’t feeling all that joyous, actually

All these contributed to an abrupt end on my Phuketism series. But I am determined to conclude it properly, even if it is not my usual style. I mean, I still have my last day in Phuket to write about. But after a hiatus of two weeks, my memory seems to fail me, so I will do a “top posts” list instead. Now, I need to focus on the positive, so…

Top 7 Reasons Why I Still Love This Phuket Trip

I am really, really happy with my choice of accomodation – Star Orchid Guesthouse. Just as advertised, the small guesthouse is a mere 50 m away from Patong Beach. It is clean and well kept. Internet is blazingly fast (though you’ll need to pay separately for it). Mini bar items were reasonably priced. The staff cannot be any more helpful! For the few nights I stayed there I returned from clubbing in the wee hours of the morning, and I always, always woke up the “guard” of the night. They keep the door open 24 hours, see. It is really worth it.

Had my first manicure and pedicure of my life. Yes, it was kind of painful with all the plucking, cutting and filing. The after effect was really worth it. No wonder women spend a fortune on such things! Alas, the beautifully cut nails did not stay long that way. I guess that’s why people needs to go for it, like, once a week. I don’t think I have the patience to do that :)

The beaches remain to be breathtakingly beautiful, despite the throngs of tourists here in Phuket (as it was the peak season). Patong, Kata Yai, Kata Noi… all still pristine, with blazing sun and dazzling blue water. I spent a good many hours lazing on the beach, often with a bottle of Singha and a book in my hands.

I had always wanted to spend a fortune on a spa session, and I did it this time at The Sense Spa. An hour of Thai massage, an hour of foot reflexology, and another hour of men’s facial (a first for me!). The $$$ damage was pretty appaling for Thai standard, but ah well… I left the spa a happy man.

After being in Phuket so many times, finally I got my act together and visited the famous Phuket Fantasea. It was like a Disneyland, Thai style, complete with the supposedly world biggest buffet line, fairground, outdoor entertainment, elephant rides etc. Of course, the icing of the FantaSea cake is the show itself – a 100 minute splendour of sights and sounds depicting the history of Thai. It was a spectacle, something not to be missed by those who are visiting Phuket for the first time.

Clubbing figured prominently on this Phuket trip. All in all I think I bought a total of NINE bottles of red label, consumed over three nights. It makes clubbing very fun. I didn’t really mind. But it did put me off alcohol for a while. And surprisingly, there is no spectacular merlion episode for me involving a toilet bowl. No sir! I am pretty proud of myself for holding it all in.

And also for the first time as well, I plucked up the courage to get to know my fellow tourists. One was a Finnish guy whom I met over the buffet table in Phuket FantaSea. Another is a table of English lads I danced with at Galaxy Pub during my last night clubbing. I don’t know their names. But it was fun to hang out with them, in their own ways. I really should get to know these kind of people more often in my other trips.

The full set of photos is here on Flickr.

After this fourth trip to Phuket… I have this deep realisation in me. I think it will be a long, long time till the next time I might visit the island again. I will miss all the fun that I had there… but it’s time to move on! To somewhere further, more different I guess.

Perhaps London? Or New York? Hehe. Next trip will be in March. I am pretty sure of it!

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