Fiknatic Christmas Party

I was all wrought from work (and my irritatingly prolonged illness), so I didn’t think I would be able to enjoy a party of any kind. Not even with the crazy Fiknatics.

But Cheryl assured me that she will take care of everything (she is quite the party organiser) and all I have to do is to open my door, eat/drink/play, and then clean up afterwards.

What can I say? That woman can be persuasive.

So we partied like never before. Absolutely fabulous food contributed mainly by Cher and potluck-ed by others. Everyone was a little quiet at first, so whipped out my games – Headbandz and Taboo – and worked everyone into a frenzy of screaming, pushing, honking and rattling.

And then Cheryl introduced more Christmas-y games. The Christmas tree building was an absolute hoot. I am so going to play that again next year!

Raz & the Ladies

Shafik, Cheryl & I

Yet another for another group!

Christmas Tree's Creators

One for the group!

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