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Halloween Celebration – Not

I didn’t even realise that you were supposed to celebrate Halloween last Saturday. Only after reading so many blogs and LJs about who did what at where did I realised I missed out on some parties of the year.

So what was I up to over the weekend, anyway?

I did something more noble. On Saturday night, together with my fellow Fiknatics we prepared ourselves for a charity visit to Jamiyah’s Children Home on Sunday.

Jamiyah is home to some 70 children, some as young as 4 years old. Most are orphans and have no one to turn to. Some are under the Child Protection Order (CPO) – which means they have went through some trauma in the past. Perhaps a jailed parent, an abusive father, a criminal mother.

I shudder to think if I am in their shoes, and reaffirm how lucky I am, despite coming from a broken family.

The CPO children have to sit separated from the rest of the children throughout the entire event, as they cannot have their pictures taken.

Despite all these, the children were a joy to behold. They were spontaneous, polite, sometimes mischevious. But all in all they are just happy to have a group people bringing some happiness into their highly regimented lives.

We played games, chatted and sang during the 3-hours we were with them. Taufik was there as the key person, but the 20+ volunteers from the fanclub were the stars.

I will always remember what the superintendent of the home said in his speech: “As you leave our home today, please keep us in your thoughts, as we will keep you in our heart”

Cheryl was sooo touched by the whole thing that she teared constantly.

To be honest I was rather overwhelmed with the over-enthusiastic children. Most of the time I was sitting by the side, observing the children playing with the volunteers. I am not very fluent when it comes to Malay, so I didn’t interact much with them.

But moments like this always remind me of my own fortune, and to remember those whom are less fortunate. To be grateful for what I have, and to do my part, no matter how small, to those whom needs them most.

Taufik had a word with the fanclub volunteers when he arrived some 20 minutes late. Just so him!

A family-photo moment before stepping into the home. We are very proud of our banner :)

The idol sits among his little fans. Needless to say many of the children were star-struck

My first live “angklung” performance. The kids rehearsed this for a month!

Taufik is a better singer than a balloon sculptor. Being an ex-clown doesn’t help!

The mischevious little girl “salam” Taufik. One of my best shot during the event

A hilarious moment with Taufik and the rest of the committee members

So, did I regret not celebrating Halloween for this? The answer is yes, no regrets at all.

Numbers Numbers Numbers!

Hey guys,

Making another round here. I lost my phone two weeks ago, and just got my new phone. While I am reaalllly happy to get it finally, I also have unfortunately lost all your numbers.

Well, if I have your number before, please leave a comment with your number

If I don’t have your number before (and you decide to leave me your number anyway – that would be great!), I will message you with my number

All comments will be screened :)

A little something to cheer me up…

My little precious in its sleek black box

Opening the cover, and…. tada!

In all its silverish glory together with its little minions

Now socked in a cool looking black rubber casing…

… complete with slots for the jack and ear pieces!

Okay, okay, before you ask, it is a iPod Classic, 80 GB with video. Bought it from Wheelock’s Place. I had always wanted something like this. Sleek, cool, functional. Been using it since this afternoon… and it’s just so damn cool!

I am a late bloomer, I know.

Today I am grateful for…

I am grateful for Alex, who spotted the mistake on my confirmed itinerary to Hong Kong this weekend. OMG! I was supposed to come back on Monday evening on the 8th, but through some miscommunication the agent booked me for the 10th. Thankfully I have someone whom is good with details!

I am grateful for the agent, Genting Holiday, whom offered me a very good deal for the flight on Cathay Pacific. A full service flight! I can just fantasize the 3.75 hours I will happily spent on the plane – eating, reading, watching… did I tell you I loveeee flying? Plus, because the cost is lower than expected, (due to some circumstances) I get to fly absolutely free, no need to top up anything. Yay!

I am grateful for a client whom was super nice to me, despite the fact that our project didn’t run as smoothly as it could, which resulted in she being under a lot of pressure. It was good catching up with her, sharing with each other the issues we each face, and think of solutions. In the end both of us are happy!

I am grateful for Spinelli. It is an absolute life saver when you are having a draggy morning. As usual I ordered my large coffee with milk, in a take away cup. The barista knew exactly what I want. The caffeine really perk me up! If not for the price I would happily drink that everyday. Twice.

I am grateful for my impromptu HK trip. The booking of a full service flight, the scouring for a good and cheap hotel (I settled for YMCA International which is located right at Yau Ma Tei), the buying of guides, the planning… it made me feel so alive. Yeah, so I have less than 48 hours to actually go around, but I guess it is better than nothing. Last year’s trip ended somewhat “interestingly” – hope this time round it will be less eventful and more… me!

Happiness Rating: :) :) :) out of 5

Today I am grateful for…

I am grateful for – have you ever purchased stuff from that site? It was my first time as I wanted to get my hands on Smallville Season 6, and it is not out yet in Singapore. The estimated delivery date was 5/10 – 12/10, but voila! Suddenly the package is in my hand. Thank you, Amazon, for making my virgin purchase with you such a pleasant one!

I am grateful for Smallville Season 6. From the very first episode that I watched over lunch time (I know, I can’t help myself!), it was set to be explosive! The most never shattering part is when Lex, possessed by the evil Zod, “nailed” Lana’s hand onto the wall with a knife. That was… urgh! So disgusting, and yet I can’t take my eyes off it. It was superb! I am so looking forward to many nights of more Smallville! (Screencaps from Smallville Dedication

I am grateful for a wrong number call today. Well, most people will dismiss it as a mere annoyance when someone called them wrong. But not for this particular. The cutest girl was on the phone, couldn’t be more than 3 years old, and said “Helloooooo…. my nameeee is Jaaaasssmine.” And I don’t know what to say to her! It was hilarious. I keep grinning throughout the call. And then she said “Hellooooo…. sorryyyyyy wrong number. Bye byeeeeee”. OMG so cute!

I am grateful for “Teach Yourself” series for foreign language… in particular, Thai! I had never much a language learner myself, but decided to learn Thai since I visit Phuket and Bangkok so often. And lo and behold, it is actually quite fun to learn! Koon cheu a-rai krup? Nam sa-goon a-rai krup? Koon bpen kon chant a-rai krup? Now I go beyond the mere “sa wa dee krup”!

I am grateful for The Laundry Lodge. Well, I need my jacket to be dry-cleaned for the weekend, and my usual laundry shop at Amara was closed when I reach at 6 plus, and it was not supposed to close till 6.30 p.m.! I was panicking because I don’t want to do everything last minute. So I went to the Icon Village and voila! Found a new laundry shop call… The Laundry Lodge. Okay, so the turnaround was 4-days, and I need to pay more to get it expedite. But at least now I know I get to collect it on time. It was a relief, I tell you!

Happiness Rating: :) :) out of 5

P.S.: A few bad things happened today, but I don’t care to write it anymore. Focus on the happy stuff!

Today I am grateful for…

I am grateful for the soundtrack of Hairspray. It never fails to brighten up my day! The groovy tunes remind me of scenes from the movie. I always dance to in early in the morning. It certainly got my adrenaline pumping (and me grinning like an idiot)

I am grateful for my clients most of whom are picking up my phone today. Okay, so I didn’t make any sales, but just being able to speak to them to get updates on my proposal made me feel… productive. And I have start to take note of little, little things I got to know through my conversations – someone is leaving her job, someone sounding tired, someone going off for conference etc

I am grateful for the moments when your bus arrives just as you reach the bus stop, and your train pulls into the station just as you step onto the platform. Travelling earlier in the morning is certainly much less stressful than the peak hour when I sleep late. Perhaps waking up earlier in 5 minutes increments every morning is really a good thing to

I am grateful for being able to speak to Jason, our temp boy over lunch. He went to Laos for a community project trip recently. His experience in Laos – the beer! the food! the people! – were certainly refreshing, and made me realise there are still so many places out there still unexplored by me. The world is, literally, my oyster. Think of the travelling years ahead! =)

I am grateful for Lonely Planet – it simply the best travel publication in the world! Since I will be heading to Hong Kong this weekend, I bought the HK one. And on a whim I decided to act on one of my silly ideas – buying a Lonely Planet book for Singapore and take off right here right a tourist. I have been in SG for 9 years now. I am sure there is plenty that I still don’t know! Now I get to “travel” every weekend.

Happiness Rating: :) :) :) out of 5