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Today I am grateful for…

Watching the finale episode of Smallville Season 5
It was so exciting! I was kept at the edge of my seat most of the time, it was fascinating. The story of the evil alien wanting to destroy earth… those imagery of the world as we know it in total chaos. It will be a nail biting week until my Season 6 DVDs arrive next week!

Set up my new curtains
My new curtains are gorgeous! I bought two from AMK Hub. It is silk, with floral embroidery in the colour that I like – dark maroon and dark blue. I hung one in the living room and one in the bedroom. It is a wonder how just a curtain will change the look and feel of your living space. It was such a satisfying experience setting them up

Taufik in High School Musical
I was reading some blogs and remember Taufik will be performing with Joakim and Olinda in some charity show. Turned on the TV, and as luck would have it, it was his slot coming up next. Suddenly I realised he is doing the part of my fave Zac Efron. So cool! I was glued to the screen, grinning maniacally at the adaption of the musical. Definitely looking forward to the HSM DVD that I have yet to watch

Washing dirty dishes
Okay I know this might sound lame. I am actually relieved that I did the dishes from the dinner last night. I can’t stand the sight of dirty dishes in my kitchen sink, and yet I am always too lazy to do it myself. So it is usually a perpetual cycle of laziness and disgust. Now they are all sparkling clean, and I am happy

Re-reading the book “Happiness”
What is happiness? How do you know if you are “happy”? How can you be happier? This is an amazing book that I picked sometime end of last month. Now I am re-reading it, and putting some of the ideas in action. One is actually a “daily gratitude journal” – writing down five things you are grateful for, no matter how big or small. Hence this post, and hopefully more post to come.

Happiness Rating: :) :) out of 5