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A Divine Encounter

The door was slightly ajar. Red hues of light casted shadows at the entrance. Smell of incense and soft murmuring of prayers filled the air.

As I stepped into the room, the sight of hundreds upon hundreds of Buddha statues awed me. An old woman was sitting in front of the altar. Her eyes were closed, but she seemed to sense my arrival. Turning her head slightly towards my direction, she nodded towards the seat in front of her.

I am entering the realm of the supernatural. And the old woman in front of me was my family medium. We have been seeing her on and off for years.

An unsettling silence settled upon us. I stared at the flickering candle light.

“Your mind is troubled. Someone close to you asked you to me for divine help”

I was startled by her comments, but it was hardly unsuspected. After all, her uncanny knack for hitting the truth every time made my family a convert to her temple.

“Yes, madam. I am here on behalf of my nephew”

“The one who went to Singapore 5 years ago”

Again I was amazed at her strong memory. “Yes, he’s the one”

She contemplated this for a few moments. “I remember him. The one who got a scholarship. He did well in his studies, and now make a comfortable living there. Just as what I told him when he came to see me.”

I nodded in agreement. Not that she can see me with her eyes closed.

“And now he find himself troubled and wonder if I can help.”

“Yes, madam. You see, recently he moved into a new house. An old house. He told me, since he moved in, he has not been himself. He feel odd and uncomfortable”


“He feel gloomy and depressed,” I added helpfully, trying to establish the graveness of the situation.

Madam started chanting, and start to whish the long whip above our heads. On and on it went, the long mane of white hair twirl itself above us, seeking heavenly wisdom.

“Give me his address”

I gave her that.

She continue swishing the whip, all the while chanting and muttering under her breath, After a few moment, she spoke again.

“His house is clean. Nothing unwanted resides in it”

I must have breathed out in relief. “Then what was it that is troubling him?”

“Do you know when he moved into the new house?”

“No, he never mentioned it. I only knew it was about two months ago”

Again she contemplated this.

“He didn’t consult the almanac for an auspicious for his house moving. He moved on a bad date. Either he moved in the first week of the Chinese seventh month, or the final one or two days leading to it”

I gulped, trying to digest this new information. “And you think that is the reason?”

“He rushed into the move. And bumped into something…. dirty. It has been following him since.”

A slight panick engulfed my whole body. Her whip continue to circle above our heads.

“Is he in danger?”

“No. But he will do well to get it rid of it.”

“What should he do?”

She told me.

“Thank you, madam.”

“Don’t thank me. Thank the heaven for the wisdom”

I nodded, packed the grains of rice and amulets into red packets. I left the room after making a small donation to the temple fund.

This story is of my aunt in Malaysia. The nephew was me. The ritual has been carried out. And I felt slightly faint after all the burning and cleansing.

I didn’t know it then, but I moved into my new house the day before the start of 7th month. Just before the gates of hell open, and when wondering spirits can make havoc in mortal lives.

Like mine.

I hope it is gone now.