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Smallville’s Best Episode Ever

There is nothing that tug at my heartstrings like a good christmas movie.

In this case, it was more of a christmas episode. Season 5 of Smallville presents Lexmas, a gripping, warm “teaser” that foretold why Lex Luthor made the decisions he will made.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead)

A fatal shotout on Chirstmas Eve landed Lex at hospital in of a coma state which will make him a cripple. As he drifted in and out of conciousness, Lex travelled into the future, as his dead mom showed him what could have been if “he made the right choices”

Lex is married to Lana Lang (!!!) and bore a sun named Alexander. Lana is pregnant with a baby girl named Lily. Clark Kent worked for Daily Planet and seem to be with Chloe Sullivan. Jonathan Kent is the state senator. The Kent regards Lex as part of the family. Lex turned his back to his father Lionel Luther seven years ago and now lead a normal (read: not rich) life.

Disaster strikes when Lana lost a lot of blood when she gives birth to Lily. Lex, desperate to save the love of his life, went to his father for help. His father ignored the plead of his son – as a consequence of his decision not to be a part of the Luthors.

Lex was devastated with grief as Lana die in his watch. He turned to his mother, anguished for an explanation.

“This is a life of full love”

“No, this is a lifelong of pain after my wife dies!”

At this point Lex Luthor woke up for his coma… and made the decision to reverse fate.

“You know the secret for happy ever after? It’s money. And power. With these, everything else can be secured.”

So now we know why Lex Luthor became the fabled villain of the story. Not out of greed or ambition – but because of the love of his life.

Gripping, really. I can’t wait to see the rest of Smallville seasons. Apparently in Singapore the DVDs are available up to Season 5. So I bought the Season 6 off Amazon. I knew Season 7 is airing in the States.

I am so hooked on Smallville – like you cannot believe it!

Images courtesy of Smallville Dedication