Renting Woes

I have been looking around for place to rent. Found this place at… TPY!!!

Haha, ah well. It is at Braddell to be exact, but the address is TPY Lor 5. It is a 1+1 HDB flat. Went to see it just now and took some pictures. Can you guys see and let me know what you think? They ask for S$1K/month, one month deposit and 1-year contract

NOTE: Okay I know the furniture looks a bit old. Most likely I will be moving my current furniture to the new place. So, ignore those old pieces of wood, just comment on the place =)

View of the flat front, right next to the lift lobby at the 3rd floor

The living room. About the same size as my current place.

Into the bedroom now. Finally, an aircond! I am happy, even if it is an old one

The two giant (and ugly) wardrobes. Urgh

The bed. Why they never come in king size? =(

Into the kitchen now. Everything is liek half the size of my current kitchen. Sob.

Ugly dining table. I think I will turn into a mini bar where I mix drinks. Hah!

Into the laundry room now… yes, it does look like a prison.

The fridge… the only thing in the house that is big and new.

The tiny washing machine. Sigh.

The toilet. Nothing to shout about

There is a bus stop right in front of the block, and it is 10 minutes ride away to TPY central, where I can take the train to work.

So…. what’s your vote? Yes or No?

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